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The core functions of the Corrections Division is to provide care, custody and control for all inmates incarcerated. There are two separate facilities for housing of inmates, Main Detention Unit and the Community Release Center.


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For questions or concerns regarding those currently incarcerated please contact the SJSO Corrections Watch Commanders.

The Main Detention Unit is a 664 bed facility which houses pre-trial inmates both male and female. All offenders arrested in St. Johns County are processed through the main facility and will remain in this facility until they are sentenced or released as required by the courts.

The Community Work Release Center (CWRC) is a 100 bed facility which houses male inmates who are sentenced to the county jail for 364 days or less. Inmates housed in this facility are allowed to participate in the work release program; provided they meet the facility criteria or they will be assigned to a county work squad.

Other functions of the Corrections Division include but are not limited to: Transportation, Judicial Process.

During incarceration, inmates are provided the opportunity to participate in the following programs: Religious services, Domestic violence, Parenting, Substance abuse, AA/NA, GED, Stress Management, Life skills and many others.

Additionally in conjunction with the courts they have the ability to participate in S.I.G.H.T. This is a 90 day in-house treatment program.

The following are detailed descriptions of the various components of the Corrections Division.

  • Detention Unit is supervised by a Lieutenant who is responsible for the custody of the facility. The facility has minimum, medium, and maximum security classifications with a 714-bed capacity.
  • Sanitation Section ensures the facility maintains a high state of hygiene, as well as supervises the laundry and property room.
  • Admissions and Release Unit is responsible for the booking and the release of all inmates in the facility. This Unit also contains the Classification Section, Courthouse Security Section, and Transportation Section.
  • Classification Section – The classification of inmates for proper housing based on the degree of custody.
  • Courthouse Security Section is assigned to the Courthouse Holding Facility. It is responsible for the care, security, and safety of inmates in holding cells.
  • Transportation Section is the movement and transfer of the inmates to and from the courts, states, and county facilities as well as medical and dental appointments.
  • Support Services Unit is supervised by a Lieutenant who is responsible to provide various support functions for inmates.
  • Medical Section  screens, evaluates, and treats all inmates detained in the county facility.
  • Maintenance Section ensures all Agency buildings and components are safe and in proper working order.
  • Canteen Section is part of the Program Unit, and provides inmate necessities such as personal hygiene products, indigent care items, communication, and other recreational materials.
  • Program Unit  is supervised by a Lieutenant who is responsible for all inmate program activities.
  • Facility Programs include the library, visitation, substance abuse, religious, psychological, and educational programs.
  • Community Release Center is responsible for the care, custody, and control of all sentenced inmates; supervise those inmates who are authorized and eligible for extended limits of confinement to include: Work Release, educational release, and religious activity release. The Community Release Center is a 92-bed minimum security facility.
  • Work Squad is an area composed of County sentenced inmates who perform services for the benefit of the citizens of St. Johns County.
  • Judicial Process Section ensures that all criminal and civil process is served in a timely and efficient manner. This section carries out orders of the courts in reference to levying on property, execution of writs, receives and processes capias, and arrest orders.