Law Enforcement 

DM head shotDavid Messenger, Director

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The Division of Law Enforcement provides full-service law enforcement for all visitors and residents of St. Johns County. The many components of the division must work in cooperation and range from receiving calls for service, emergency calls, patrolling our communities, investigating crime, processing forensic evidence, analyzing intelligence and working with our judicial partners to protect our communities. The Division of Law Enforcement Director has the responsibility of Strategic Planning that will serve as a foundation for ongoing, proactive law enforcement processes of assessing community needs and directing resources in order to achieve Sheriff David Shoar’s goals and objectives as effectively and efficiently as possible. The current economic environment dictates that our organization be responsive to the changing environment and anticipate financial, technological and community needs.

The Division of Law Enforcement currently consists of District Command, which is led by a Law Enforcement Chief, and Central Command, also supervised by a Law Enforcement Chief.

District Command

Chief Charles Bradley 

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St. Johns County is geographically broken into four (4) districts and these districts have the following designation: Northeast District, Northwest District, Southeast District, and Southwest District. Each of these districts are commanded by a District Commander. District Commanders oversee all activity within their geographic area to include Patrol activity, Traffic, Youth Resource functions and District Property Crime Investigations. Each District’s Patrol function is divided into four (4) distinctive shifts. Patrol shifts are designated Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, and Delta shifts.

Youth resource deputies are assigned to all high schools and certain contracted middle schools in each district. Each district has a lieutenant who assists the District Commander in the daily operation of the district. The District Lieutenant supervises a minimum of four (4) Patrol Sergeants and one (1) District Support Sergeant. The District Support Sergeant supervises Youth Resource Deputies, District Detectives, and other assigned duties based on the district demographics and needs such as the Agricultural Deputy assigned to in the South West District. The Habitat Conservation Sergeant is responsible for all beaches within the county regardless of District.

All property crimes in each geographic district are investigated by one of three (3) assigned detectives who are supervised by the District Support Sergeant.

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     Commander Brian Harrington                            Commander William Werle

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     Commander Bobby Stewart                               Commander Scott Beaver

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District Stats



Chief Brian Lee

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Central Services is comprised of Investigations and Support Services. Click on the links below to learn more about each area:

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