Cline Headshot2Matthew Cline, Undersheriff

The Undersheriff is the Sheriff’s principal command staff officer for directing, coordinating, supervising, and training the staff, except in areas reserved for the Sheriff. The Undersheriff frees the Sheriff from routine details and passes pertinent information and insight from the staff to the Sheriff and from the Sheriff to staff.

As an “anticipator,” the Undersheriff must be able to anticipate events or trends that may impact the organization. He must share with the Sheriff a near-identical vision of operations, events, and requirements. Command staff must inform the Undersheriff of any recommendations (operational, tactical, or administrative) or information they pass directly to the Sheriff or of instructions they receive directly from the Sheriff.

The Undersheriff assists the Sheriff in supervising the daily operation of the agency, participates in the planning process for present and future conditions, and assists the divisions in attaining agency goals and mission. Under special conditions, or when necessary for the effective operation of the agency, the Sheriff may give the Undersheriff temporary command of a division (usually when the division director or deputy division director is unable to command).