Office of the Sheriff

The Office of the Sheriff is a Division comprised of multiple organizational functions:  Internal Affairs, the Professional Compliance Bureau, Community Affairs, the Police Athletic League, Crime Prevention, and the Programs Section.



Cline HeadshotMatthew Cline, Undersheriff


The Undersheriff is the Sheriff’s principal command staff officer for directing, coordinating, supervising, and training the staff, except in areas reserved for the Sheriff. The Undersheriff frees the Sheriff from routine details and passes pertinent information and insight from the staff to the Sheriff and from the Sheriff to staff.

The Internal Affairs Section is responsible for investigating all serious complaints filed against an employee or related to actions taken by the Agency. Feedback from the community, both positive and negative, is monitored by this section.

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commandermulliganChuck Mulligan, Commander


The Commander of Office of the Sheriff performs special assignments and investigations as directed by the Sheriff.  The Director also supervises the functions of the Sheriff’s Office front lobby, Crime Prevention, Media Relations, Programs, Police Athletic League,  and Victim’s Advocacy.


Community Affairs Bureau

The Community Affairs Bureau consists of several areas focused on civic and crime prevention outreach programs. The Bureau is currently the home for:

  1. Media Relations
  2. Victim Advocacy
  3. Senior Programs
  4. Volunteer Corps
  5. Civilian Law Enforcement Academy
  6. College Internship Program
  7. Crime Stoppers
  8. Honor Guard
  9. Courtesy Service Desk
  10. Police Athletic League (PAL)
  11. Community and Youth Crime Prevention Programs

While there are several different areas of services contained within the bureau, all seek to build community relationships, trust in the law enforcement role in our society, and reduce crime through increased awareness and interaction, while maintaining our quality of life.


Crime Prevention The SJSO Crime Prevention Team was established to assist you, our community, in reducing the likelihood of becoming the victims of crime. We stand ready to serve all our residents and visitors alike, and are responsible for the development and implementation of Crime Prevention Programs and information sharing.

  Crime Prevention 

Victim’s AdvocacyBeing the victim of a crime is not pleasant to think about, but unfortunately some of our citizens do end up experiencing it. All victims, regardless of age or social status, sustain some type of injury when this occurs. Our Victim Advocates are here to help. They can help when victims are faced with physical, emotional, or financial injury due to a crime committed against them by providing information on how to access community resources and programs. This information can lessen the burden of being a victim of a crime.

  Victims’ Advocacy  

Police Athletic League (PAL) – The St. Johns County Police Athletic League (PAL) was started in 1991 as a non-profit youth serving organization. PAL programs are available to all children of St. Johns County and are run by SJSO deputies. The mission of the St. Johns PAL program is to reduce crime and instill positive values, character and leadership skills by emphasizing a positive interaction between the youthful participants and law enforcement officers, along with other adult role models.

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Media Relations The Sheriff’s Office is committed to informing the community, through traditional news outlets, of events/incidents within the public domain and is also committed to fostering a mutual relationship of trust, cooperation and respect between the general public, the news media, and the Sheriff’s Office. The Media Relations Team prepares media briefings and/or special news releases and responds to all newsworthy scenes to coordinate the release of public information. The team also keeps up the Sheriff’s Office digital presence by maintaining the agency website, social media platforms, and mobile digital platforms. The production of education is also a large part of this sections work. Roll Call Videos, as well as safety videos concerning our communities, are produced for education outside of the classroom and public safety matters.

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