Traffic Section

Traffic Section is a component of Central Investigations/Special Operations. The Traffic Unit is responsible for a variety of specialized units and teams and falls under the control of Special Operations, led by Lieutenant Dale Bryant (

The Traffic Unit is led by Sergeant Terry Shirley ( and is comprised of a Traffic Enforcement Section responsible for Traffic Enforcement, Escorts, THI Traffic Homicide Investigation and a Support Section comprised of PSA Public Service Assistant and School Crossing Guards. The Traffic Unit has the additional responsibilities of DUI checkpoints, and Teen Driving.

The Traffic Enforcement Section, sometimes called Traffic Motors is an enforcement and investigatory component to the Traffic Unit. The Traffic Enforcement Section is specialized and trained in Traffic Homicide Investigation (THI), Traffic Crash Reconstruction, DUI detection and apprehension. This section investigates the more serious crashes involving bodily injury or death, enforces the traffic laws of the State of Florida, patrols for impaired (DUI) drivers, provides traffic control and motorcycle escorts for special events, and analyzes and addresses the citizens traffic related concerns throughout St. Johns County. These dedicated deputies strive hard to be the best in their field and continuously train both in and out of the classroom to stay current on the most innovative crash investigation techniques and enforcement methods.

The Traffic Enforcement Section strives daily to educate the motoring public in the dangers caused by violating the traffic laws of the State of Florida and attempts to gain the motorists voluntary compliance by conducting traffic enforcement events throughout St. Johns County. The St. Johns County Sheriff’s Office has taken a proactive stance on aggressive driving by pairing up with the Florida Department of Transportation and implementing the use of a distinctly marked Camaro to help combat the problems caused by aggressive drivers. This stealthy patrol vehicle can be found driving around the county in search of violators at various times, throughout the week. The Traffic Enforcement Section can also be seen assisting with traffic control at special events and escorting dignitaries during their visit to our town. You may even see their presence in our Holiday Parades. These highly trained motorcyclists utilize marked police motorcycles as well as unmarked patrol vehicles in their efforts to keep citizens and visitors safe in their travels.

The Support Section is comprised of (PSA) Public Service Assistant and (SCG) School Crossing Guards. School Crossing Guards receive specialty training in pedestrian and vehicular traffic control to assist in keeping our school zones safer. Public Service Assistants receive specialized training in report writing, crime investigation, evidence collection, traffic control and in traffic enforcement.

Public Service Assistants augment Patrol Deputies by investigating certain crimes and assisting when called upon at major events. Along with working during scheduled times, our Public Service Assistants are many times called out to assist with traffic control issues caused by a major crash or to assist with special events.


    FHP Traffic Crash Report