Youth Services

Our agency has many programs designed to provide safety education to children and their parents in the areas of crime prevention and general safety. These programs are designed to promote a better understanding between young people and law enforcement. School Resource deputies are assigned to specific schools and have become an asset to teachers and parents by providing counseling and guidance.

School Safety Programs such as an Introduction to Law Enforcement/Meet Your Deputy, How to Deal with Bullies/Conflict Resolution, Halloween Safety, Stranger Awareness, Latch Key Kids, Bicycle Safety, Bus Safety, Internet Safety and Gun Safety.


             Visit Safekids                     McGruff’s Tips for kids    

Additional programs include the following:

911 for Kids: This program features a video that teaches children how to dial 911, why to call 911 and when not to call. (Video is for ages 4-7). Red E. Fox can also make an appearance during any 911-safety presentation. He’s a big hit with the kids; just make your appointment early!


GUN SAFETY – We use the Eddie the Eagle gun safety program that teaches children to “Stop…don’t touch…leave the area and tell an adult” this is a video tape, and the story is told by Eddie the Eagle. (running time approx 10 minutes)

  • STRANGER AWARENESS – This is a program designed to inform children on what to do if they are approached by a stranger.
  • DRUG INFORMATION SEMINARS – We will gladly come to speak with your group about the signs and symptoms of adolescent drug use. This gives parents the knowledge they need to make informed decisions about drug use and abuse.
  • BICYCLE SAFETY –We will come to your location and teach your children to think about safety while operating their bicycles.
  • HALLOWEEN SAFETY – This program stresses safety tips for the children on that “Spooky Night,” so all will have a good time and be safe.
  • GANG SEMINAR– This program is intended to give individuals or groups basic information on what to look for in their neighborhood or homes. Topics covered are basic gangs, signs and symbols.
  • INTERNET SAFETY PROGRAM: which features the Netsmartz Internet Safety program which teaches your children to be safer online as well as offline. Watch real-life stories as told by teens that have been victims of Internet exploitation. Additionally, if you are concerned about your younger children’s safety online visit with them and learn together how to avoid the dangers that exist on the Internet.

To schedule a time for your program, please contact the Police Athletic Leagues Youth Community Programs Deputy at  904-829-9438. We will be glad to help set up safety programs designed especially for your age group or if you have any special program requests.  We look forward to hearing from you.  

Other Helpful Resources:
FBI’s Parents Guide to Internet Safety