Support Services

Support Services

The Bureau is directed by Commander Bill Werle, The bureau is comprised of multiple sections; Command consists of Government Security, Traffic, Bailiffs, Criminal Registration and Fingerprints, Telecommunications and Validations, Alarm Enforcement, E-911, and Switchboard.

Telecommunications led by Lt. Crisite Taylor, , this section plays a vital role in the daily functions for Law Enforcement ; to include, receiving calls and determining their priority, dispatching calls for service, routinely checking on deputies to insure their safety, and updating Executive Staff members during critical incidents.  The Communications Center personnel are assigned to four separate shifts, that coincide with Patrol and Corrections Shifts. TDD capabilities are available through out the agency.

Government Security led by Sgt. Ricky Noble, this section provides onsite security for local government entities; as well as coordinates with other government agencies to gather intelligence regarding potential security risks and threats.

Bailiffs, Criminal Registration, and Fingerprints – led by Sgt. Ricky Noble, the section provides security to the St. Johns County Judicial Complex.  Bailiffs attend all court appearances and ensure that any security threat is eliminated immediately.  The section is also responsible for registering criminals offenders upon their release from prison.  This includes registration of sexual predators and sexual offenders.

The Traffic Unit is supervised by Sergeant Terry Shirley ( and is comprised of a Traffic Enforcement Section responsible for Traffic Enforcement, Escorts, THI Traffic Homicide Investigation and a Support Section comprised of PSA Public Service Assistant and School Crossing Guards. The Traffic Unit has the additional responsibilities of DUI checkpoints, and Teen Driving.

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