In Memory

It Was An Oath They Took. SJSO is committed to honoring those who lost their lives in the line of duty and/or passed away after honorable years of service. This page is dedicated to the Memories of our St. Johns County Sheriff’s Deputies and Personnel. We miss them and think of them often.

bissell1Robert D. Bissell

Dates of Employment: 10/01/1964 to 10/20/2004

Passed Away:

Captain Bissell held many different positions here at the Sheriff’s Office, including Chief Bailiff and Courthouse Deputy before retiring in 2004. He had received many awards as well including the Outstanding Leadership Award, the St. Johns County Employee of the Month as well as many letters of Commendation from Sheriffs Perry, O’Loughlin, Garrett and Davis.   

3348 Stettner, AlbertAlbert L. Stettner

Dates of Employment: 11/15/2004 to 11/04/2012

Passed Away:  01/11/2013

Deputy Stettner was well liked by his peers and his supervisors.  One of Deputy Stettner’s Sergeants remarked, “Deputy Stettner is a very good worker and is reliable in all that he does.”  Deputy Stettner’s career seemed promising.  One comment read, “We have plans for more in preparation for advancement and promotion.”

Deputy Stettner was a good role model to young citizens too.  He gave of his time often to help the Boy Scouts of America during their summer camps.  Deputy Stettner recognized the importance of helping to instill the Scouts’ Oath and Law.  Deputy Stettner’s positive attitude and sense of citizenship will be missed by this Agency.

Sheriff Neil J. Perry “Retired”

Born:  05-19-45
Passed away: 06-20-2012

Sheriff (Retired) Neil J. Perry was born in St. Augustine, FL on May 19, 1945 and  as a native son, he dedicated his life to his family and our community. He began his law  enforcement career as an auxiliary officer with the St. Augustine Police Department in  1968 and in 1974 became a member of the St. Johns County Sheriff’s Office. Sheriff Perry  served as a patrol deputy and detective until 1984 when he was elected Sheriff of St. Johns  County. He was subsequently re-elected four times, serving a total of five (5) terms as  Sheriff, retiring in 2004. He remained a part of the SJSO family as a reserve deputy even  after his retirement.

Sheriff Perry’s family was the backbone of his success and along with his  wife Syd, he enjoyed spending time with his children and grandchildren. Additionally, he  earned the love and admiration of his “second” family, the employees of the St. Johns County Sheriff’s Office.

Richard “Dick” Lauginiger


Born:  07-08-1937
Length of Service: Volunteer – One year, nine months
Public Service Assistant – thirteen years, five months
Passed away: 07-21-2011

Dick Lauginiger joined the St. Johns County Sheriff’s Office after serving his country in the U. S. Air Force and after finishing a career with Southern Bell.  Dick’s tenure with the SJSO spanned more than 15 years.  Dick’s initial appointment was as a volunteer.  After volunteering his services for a year and a half, Dick was hired as a Senior Public Service Assistant.  Dick was so dedicated to the SJSO that he continued to work for the Agency up until one month before he passed away.  According to many in the Agency, he was a pleasure to serve with and always had a smile for everyone he met.

Dick was always very generous with his time.  Prior to coming to the SJSO, Dick had been a volunteer paramedic/firefighter in Miramar.  While at the Agency, Dick donated many hours repairing and maintaining a 1948 Ford that the Agency used for parades and public relations opportunities.  Dick’s warm personality and dedication to this Agency made Dick a Goodwill Ambassador wherever he went.

Dick amassed several letters of thanks from the various citizens of our community.  In his role as PSA, Dick represented the Agency well and was an excellent example of the Agency’s mission:  “taking care of people.”  His other official accolades included :

  •  May 2009 – Life Saving Award
  • August 2005 – Sheriff’s Commendation
  • May 2002 – Abe Schneider Award

James Louis Anderson Jr.

Born: 12-01-1965
Length of Service: 2 years 10 months
Passed Away: 01-14-2010

Assignments:  Patrol Deputy, MSD Deputy

Deputy James Louis Anderson Jr. was killed on-duty while traveling on Highway 9A in his patrol vehicle.  Anderson’s vehicle was struck head-on by a motorists who was traveling in the wrong direction on a 4 lane divided highway, in the early morning hours of January 2010.

Deputy Anderson had previously served in The United States Marine Corps for 20 years (1984-2004), before being employed with The Putnam County Sheriff’s Office and was awarded the Lifesaving Medal while serving there.

Anderson was hired in 2007 by The St. Johns County Sheriff’s Office where he worked as an Municipal Service District Patrol Deputy within the community of Ponte Vedra.   By all accounts Deputy Anderson was admired by all who knew him both within the agency and the community he served.


Born: June 23, 1950
Length of Service: October 1981 to July 2006
Passed Away: October 16, 2006

Assignments: Reserve Deputy Sheriff, Deputy Sheriff. Alarm Enforcement Officer and Senior Alarm Enforcement Officer

Bill was a Northeast Florida native, born in Jacksonville. He started his career with the St. Johns County Sheriff’s Office as a Reserve Road Deputy in 1981 but quickly became a full-time Road Deputy in 1982. Bill transferred to civilian status in 1990. He started in the Communication Center, became the Alarm Enforcement Officer in 1996, attaining senior Alarm Enforcement Officer status in 1998. Bill retired after 25 years with the Sheriff’s Office in July 2006.


Born: September 30, 1979
Length of Service: July 2004 to September 2006
Passed Away: September 29, 2006
Assignments: Deputy Sheriff
Matthew was a Florida native, born in Winter Haven but moved to St. Johns County when he was 12 years old. He graduated from Nease High School and served 4 years in the United States Air Force. He was an avid hunter and fisherman. Matthew attended the law enforcement academy at St. Johns River Community College, applied, and was hired at the St. Johns County Sheriff’s Office as a Deputy Sheriff. His life on earth ended in a tragic accident at his home, 1 day short of his 27th birthday.  His co-workers describe him as “a good guy, being jovial. He liked to joke around and have a good time, but he took his job seriously.”
Born: November 1, 1934
Length of Service: June 1996 to March 2006
Passed Away: March 23, 2006
Assignments: Public Service Assistant
Bubba Williams was a Public Service Assistant for 10 years, but he began serving the citizens of St. Augustine/St. Johns County long before he ever became a Public Service Assistant for the Sheriff’s Office. He was a career firefighter for 37 years with the city of St. Augustine and St. Johns County Lifeguard for 41 years. Bubba was once featured on the 1980’s TV show ‘Rescue 911′ after he save a dog from a burning building and brought the dog back to life by giving him CPR. He will be remembered as being a “True Public Servant” as stated by St. Augustine Fire Chief James Owens.

Born: February 17, 1936
Length of Service: March 2004 to March 2006
Passed Away: March 08, 2006

Assignments: Public Service Assistant

Bob passed away while on duty, March 8th, 2006, exactly 2 years from his date of hire as a PSA with the St. Johns County Sheriff’s Office.

Previously, Bob was a Citizen on Patrol with the Flagler County Sheriff’s Office where he held the position of coordinator while also being a volunteer.


Born: October 9, 1980
Length of Service: December 2002 to October 2005
Passed Away: October 20, 2005

Assignments: Public Service Assistant, Corrections Transport Assistant, Corrections Deputy

Christopher began his career at the St. Johns County Sheriff’s Office as a Public Service Assistant on December 2nd, 2002. He became a Corrections Transport Assistant on August 3rd, 2003. When an opening arose, he became a Corrections Deputy and began the on the job training for the position May 3rd, 2004.

Christopher became ill shortly thereafter and completed his training while undergoing extensive medical treatments for a non-job related illness.


Born: June 26, 1983
Length of Service: August 2003 to May 2004
Passed Away: May 02, 2004

Assignments: Deputy Sheriff

Shortly after being dispatched to a 911 call, Deputy Blyler’s patrol car crashed on rain slicked County Road 210 striking a power pole and a tree. Fire/Rescue workers say he was alert when they arrived, but passed away a short time later, after being air-lifted to Shands Jacksonville.

Joshua was a NE Florida native, born and raised in Jacksonville. Even as a young boy, he dreamed of being a law enforcement officer. He always wanted to help people. Although only serving for 9 short months, he impressed his supervisors and all who worked with him.

He died doing what he loved, serving the people of St. Johns County that he swore to protect.


Born: October 5, 1934
Length of Service:  1963 – 1997
Passed Away:  August 20, 2002

Assignments: K-9 Deputy, Detective, Patrol Shift Leader, Armorer, Crime Scene Technician, Beach Master, Coordinator of Explorer Post 911, Bomb Squad Unit, Dive Master

Wayne began his distinguished public service career in 1951, when he enlisted in the United States Marine Corp. A proud marine, he served his nation honorably and heroically, until his discharge in 1963. He then served St. Johns County as a deputy sheriff from 1963 until his retirement, as a lieutenant in 1997. He served more than 45 years of dedicated public service.


Born: January 30, 1942
Length of Service: October 20,1992 – January 17, 2002
Passed Away: January 17, 2002

Assignments: Reserve I Deputy; Law Enforcement Deputy; Senior Law Enforcement Deputy; Senior Field Training Officer and Beach Patrol Assistant; Road Ready Reserve Deputy.

Ace began his law enforcement career in Texas as a Peace Officer. He also served as a Customs Officer through the Dept. of Treasury, U.S. Customs Service and was a member of the “Blue Lightning Strike Force”, Miami, Florida. Ace was relentless in his efforts of traffic enforcement and was known for writing tickets.


Born: December 21,1931
Passed Away: October 27, 2001

Assignments: Public Service Assistant




Born: January 30, 1916
Length of Service:  60 year Law Enforcement Veteran
Passed Away: May 6, 2001

Assignments: Deputy Sheriff

Deputy Sheriff William V. Eddy was a 60 year veteran of law enforcement. He began his illustrious career in 1939 with the West Palm Beach Police Department. Mr. Eddy took a leave of absence from law enforcement and joined the US Coast Guard where he later transferred to Naval Intelligence. He returned to the West Palm Beach Police Department in 1945 and was appointed as a Deputy Sheriff to investigate crimes outside of the city limits. In 1947 he was promoted to Sergeant and then in 1949 to Lieutenant. In 1953 he was appointed as a full-time Deputy Sheriff for Palm Beach County and took the position of Captain of the Sheriff’s Road Patrol.

In 1955 he went to work with the State Beverage Department where he began his era of breaking up the illegal moonshine industry. He was deputized in numerous counties in Florida as well as in Georgia and Alabama. In 1967 he was appointed Sheriff of Jefferson County by Governor Claude Kirk. In 1979 he retired from the State Beverage Department and came to St. Johns County where he was appointed to the Civil Division of the Sheriff’s Office. He was reappointed in 1981 and again in 1985 by Sheriff Neil J Perry. Mr. Eddy has been a bonded Deputy Sheriff in one or more counties of the State of Florida since 1946 and up to his death in May 2001. Since coming to St. Johns County, Deputy Sheriff William Eddy has been responsible for clearing a great deal of serious criminal cases. Sheriff Perry expressed how we are all feeling in Law Enforcement today, Bill Eddy is truly a hero in the law enforcement field and will be sadly missed. Mr. Eddy will always be fondly remembered as “Your Country Deputy”.


Born: May 29, 1968
Length of Service:  September 28, 1993 – August 13, 1999
Passed Away: August 13, 1999

Assignments: Telecommunications Operator



Born: October 30, 1945

Length of Service:  17 years (Feb. 1974 – Aug. 1991)

Passed Away: May 4, 1998

Assignments: Patrol Deputy, Patrol Supervisor, Investigations: Detective (Vice/Narcotics), Crime Scene, & Property Crimes



Born: April 24, 1933
Length of Service:  February 1, 1979 – March 26, 1991
Passed Away: May 15, 1997

Assignments: Administration

Margaret served in various administrative positions but is best remembered for her Personnel assignment. She also served as a Reserve Deputy for several years.


Born: December 23, 1924
Length of Service:  30 years
Passed Away: December 11, 1996

Assignments: Captain McCormack held many positions during her career from jail matron and dispatcher to judicial process and agency accounting. Her knowledge and wisdom covered a wide range of areas. She was instrumental in setting up standardization of Sheriff’s financial systems statewide. She received commendations relative to her in-depth knowledge of the financial workings of the Sheriff’s Office and saw many advancements in law enforcement and helped make many of them happen. Hazel served four Sheriff’s with dedication and loyalty. She retired as the Administration Division Director.


Born: June 30, 1946

Length of Service:  5 years
Passed Away: May 4, 1994

Assignments: Detective Property Crimes

Detective Pittman’s career included Patrol Deputy and Field Training Officer (FTO). Detective Pittman was active in the sheriff’s Community Intervention Team (CIT). Rick’s son serves as an SJSO Deputy Sheriff today.


Born: June 20, 1956
Length of Service:  8 years
Passed Away: December 25, 1993

Assignments: Corrections Deputy



Born: December 3, 1934
Length of Service:  7 years
Passed Away: October 25, 1993

Assignments: Corrections Deputy.

Deputy Bushner’s career included auxiliary deputy.


Born: May 3, 1953
Length of Service:  8 years (Nov. 11, 1985 – Jun. 22, 1993)
Passed Away: December 20, 1993

Assignments: Corrections Deputy, Community Release Deputy, & Dietary Unit



Born: April 19, 1930
Length of Service:  14 years
Passed Away: 1/1/94

Assignments: Deputy Sheriff, Patrol Sergeant

Sergeant Walker’s career covered fourteen years. He took pride in his career as a Deputy Sheriff and dog handler. He was skilled in the use of Bloodhounds and drug dogs. Robert served as the agency Tracker and K-9 handler. He also served as a Patrol Shift Leader.


Born: March 31, 1938
Length of Service:  17 years
Passed Away: 2/9/85

Assignments: Patrol Lieutenant



Born: April 1, 1943
Length of Service:  12 years (Aug. 24, 1979 – Aug. 26, 1991)
Passed Away: April 1, 1993

Assignments: Beach Master, Patrol Watch Commander (Lt), Patrol Supervisor (Sgt.), & Patrol Deputy

Lt. Kirkland received many awards during his career to include a Meritorious Service Award. He was also commended for his efforts in developing a volunteer Citizens Firearms Familiarization Class in 1982.


Born: April 26, 1961
Length of Service:  3 years
Passed Away: June 30, 1990

Assignments: Telecommunications Operator

Lori began in Communications in July, 1986, on my shift. She was a great “C” Shift operator, but more than that, she was a true friend. Despite our differences sometimes, we did have something in common, and that is, we both supported those almighty “Gators” from Gainesville. In fact, she made for me a “ceramic” gator sitting on an orange and blue football. I cherish this everyday as it sits on a shelf in my office and always will until I retire. Miss you Lori………Capt. M. Samec


Born: November 17, 1917
Length of Service:  Dec. 11, 1974 – Nov. 9, 1979
Passed Away: April 24, 1989

Assignments: Corrections Deputy

Bissell was injured during a jail break. Richard Bissell is a brother to Captain Bob Bissell.


Born: July 5, 1941
Length of Service: 9 years (Jul. 21, 1978 – Oct. 20, 1987)
Passed Away: October 20, 1987

Assignments: Corrections Administrative Assistant, Corrections – Training Coordinator, Program Coordinator, Communications Officer, Auxiliary Services Coordinator.

Dep. Maisenhelder was a 9 year veteran with SJSO. He served as a Corrections Officer, Classification Officer, & as the Administrative Assistant to the Director of Corrections.


Born: January 11, 1929
Length of Service:  12 Years
Passed Away: February 22, 1983

Assignments: Corrections Deputy

Deputy Solano had been serving civil process papers. His assigned vehicle had broken down and was left at a vehicle repair shop in Hastings. Deputy Solano picked up his personal vehicle (motorcycle) and was en route to an evening sift assignment at the St. Johns County Jail. While en route to St. Augustine on SR-207, a vehicle pulled across the path of Deputy Solano’s vehicle. Deputy Solano died as a result of impact with the vehicle and impact from a second vehicle. Solano had planned to retire later that year. Deputy Solano was 54 years of age.


Born: March 13, 1925
Length of Service:  11 years
Passed Away: March 1, 1979

Assignments: Civil Deputy

Deputy Martin worked as a Civil and Warrants Deputy and Chief Jailor


Born: June 7, 1947, Mechanicsville, NY
Length of Service: 5 years
Passed Away: January 12, 1975

On January 12, 1975, Ronald A (Ron) Parker, a 27 year old St. Augustine Beach Deputy Marshal and St. Johns County Deputy Sheriff, was shot to death in his patrol car by Thomas Edward DeSherlia, who at the time, was wanted in Iowa for bank robbery and two murders in Alabama. DeSherlia dragged Parker’s body from the car and tried to escape in Parker’s car, but was caught after a running gun fight with St. Johns County deputies.


Born: 1917, Hastings, Florida
Passed Away: April 1968

Hart was shot to death at a gathering on Main Street in Hastings during a hamburger fry to benefit Hastings High School at the Hastings Community Center. He was rushed to Flagler Hospital, but was pronounced dead on arrival. The suspect fired three 22 caliber bullets into Hart. Hart was shot in the back and side. The suspect apparently walked up to Hart pulled out the gun and started firing. Deputy Hart was 51 years of age.


Born: November 6th, 1861*
Length of Service: 23 years
Passed Away:  In office, 1942

Sheriff Boyce took office in 1919, and held the office for twenty-three years. Under Sheriff Boyce’s leadership (during the Prohibition Era), moonshiners and other illegal, homemade liquor manufacturers were aggressively pursued. Sheriff Boyce had may problems that we still contend with today; the busting up of moonshine stills, the death of three deputies (Turlington, Knight and Quigley), complaints about his jail, and not enough funds. Sheriff Boyce was succeeded upon his death on November 27,1942, by Governor-appointed, and later elected, Sheriff J. T. Sheppard.



Born: May 31, 1888, Quitman, Georgia
Length of Service: 5 years
Passed Away: May 7, 1933

Deputy Lamar Knight and Deputy Frank Quigley were investigating a report of subjects with guns creating a disturbance. While questioning one individual a second individual approached the deputies and began to argue. A scuffle began between Deputy Knight and the second individual. The individual pulled a gun and shot Deputy Knight who died immediately of bullet wounds. Deputy Knight and Deputy Quigley’s deaths occurred while conducting an investigation regarding a disturbance on Mill Creek Road, two miles west of St. Augustine. Deputy Knight was 44 years of age. Ike Williams was charged and convicted of the murder of Deputy Knight. Williams was found guilty of first degree murder and sentenced to life imprisonment.


Born: October 29, 1892, St. Augustine, Florida
Length of Service: 5 years, became a deputy after his term as constable in January 1933
Passed Away: May 7, 1933

Deputy Quigley was shot while responding to a disturbance on Mill Creek Road, two miles west of St. Augustine. Deputy Frank Quigley and Deputy Lamar Knight were investigating a report of subjects with guns creating a disturbance. While questioning one individual a second individual approached the deputies and began to argue. Deputy Quigley was shot in the abdomen and died later at the hospital. Deputy Quigley responded to the same call as did Deputy Lamar Knight. Deputy Quigley was 41 years of age.


Born: February 1, 1892
Length of Service:
Passed Away: November 4, 1927

Died as a result of injuries sustained from a vehicle crash while responding to a robbery call. The steering gear to his car had become faulty and the car left the road while traveling at a high rate of speed. Deputy Turlington was 33 years of age at his death.


Born: Gainesville, Florida 1863
Length of Service: 1889-1897 and 1901-1919
Passed Away: Feb 7, 1919

Although Sheriff Joe Perry served split terms, he was the longest serving Sheriff of our county’s history. By all available accounts, he was known for being a “big, bold man,” at 6’6″ and weighing 300 pounds. He was an expert in firearms, rifle, pistol or shotgun he was equally accurate. Sheriff CJ Perry and St. Augustine Mayor Elmer Boyce were influential in shutting down illegal gambling which was flourishing here. He was apparently very popular and reputed to have gone on the most dangerous calls right along with his deputies until the last couple of years of his term, as he was very ill. He died in office on February 7, 1919, at the age of 56.


Born: 1874
Length of Service: 12 years
Passed Away: March 5, 1911

Deputy Guy White was assigned to the Espanola, Florida area to protect and serve that small community. He did so for over ten years. Abe Schneider (below) was a citizen from Espanola who put his life in grave personal danger by assisting Deputy Guy White in arresting four drunk, rowdy, Bradford County men. On the evening of March 5, 1911, Deputy Guy White and Abe Schneider were gunned down while arresting and attempting to search for the men. While on a train from Hastings to Espanola the four began to rough-house, smashing windows. Upon their arrival in Espanola, Deputy White arrested the four and took them to the jail. During the search, one of the four produced a gun and shot both Deputy White and Abe Schneider, fatally wounding them both. Deputy White is the first known St. Johns County officer to be killed in the line of duty. Deputy White was 37 years of age. The St. Johns County Sheriff’s office has named an award in Deputy White’s honor. the Guy White award may be given to a member who, in the line of duty, has performed his/her duties consistently with excellence for the past year. This award is based on a year’s performance and not on a single event. Only one award is presented in a given year.


Born: 1887
Passed Away: March 5, 1911

Deputized by Deputy Guy White (above) they were both killed while taking four men to jail for disorderly conduct and transporting a weapon. Abe Schneider had immigrated to the U.S. from St. Petersburg, Russia. Abe Schneider was 24 years of age. The St. Johns County Sheriff’s office has named an award in Abe Schneider’s honor. The Abe Schneider award is an elite award given to citizens of the community entailing exceptional courage involving grave personal danger in rendering aid or assistance to a law enforcement officer.

Visit the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial in Washington, D.C.