Dear Reader,
Since 2010, many of our citizens have become aware, primarily through the media, of the death of Michelle O’Connell, a 24-year old, St. Johns County woman.  This is a tragic case with many complexities.  There is a tremendous amount of documents and information related to this case available and unfortunately the media is limited by time and space on what they can report.  In the spirit of full disclosure and transparency we have decided to provide through our website as much information as we can.  
It will take a serious commitment of time and thought to thoroughly review all of the documents contained in, The St. Johns County Sheriff’s Office: “Review of Michelle O’Connell’s Death Investigation. I ask that you read these documents in chronological order; thus giving you the full understanding of the documented events. Though reading and processing all of this information may be time consuming, I can assure you that the information and narrative is compelling.
I believe that the information contained in these extensive files is vitally important on many different levels and our citizens should have an opportunity to read, research, and make their own assessment. We never want to lose sight of the fact that though this case is tragic in many different ways with a few different victims; the most tragic aspect is that a young woman died prematurely on September 02, 2010, leaving behind a young child.
Thank you for your interest and time.

David B. Shoar, Sheriff
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Item #1,O'Connell Case Timeline,Timeline
Item #2,Case Findings by a Special Prosecutor~~Appointed by the Governor,Findings
Item #3,SJSO's Case Review,Case Review
Item #4,Initial Letter from Sheriff Shoar to Commissioner~~Bailey filing a complaint against the~~conduct of Agent Pape and Rodgers,Bailey Letter 1
Item #5,Followup Letter to Commisioner Bailey from Sheriff Shoar,Bailey Letter 2
Item #6,Civil Rights Complaint Filed by~~ Sheriff Shoar Against Agents Pape and Rodgers,FBI Letter
Item #7,Director Sanz's Letter Acknowleding Receipt of~~ Sheriff Shoar's Initial Complaint,Sanz's Letter 1
Item #8,Sheriff Shoar's Response to Director Sanz's Letter,Sanz's Letter 2
Item #9,Letter from Sheriff Shoar to Director Sanz Regarding~~ Conduct of FDLE Agents,Sanz's Letter 3
Item #10,Larry Dixon (Stepfather of Banks) Formal Letter~~of Complaint to the FDLE about Agent Rodgers' Conduct,Dixon Letter
Item #11,Attorney McCleod's (Banks' Attorney) Formal Letter~~ of Complaint about Agent Rodgers' Conduct,McLeod Complaint
Item #12,Scott O'Connell Sworn Statement,O'Connell Statement
Item #13,Banks' Formal Notice of Intent to File~~a Lawsuit Against Agent Rodgers and FDLE,Banks' Intent for Lawsuit
Item #14,O'Connell's Formal Notice of Intent to File~~ a Lawsuit against Agent Rodgers and FDLE,O'Connell's Intent for Lawsuit
Item #15,Report by Jim Casey on SJSO's Case Review,Casey Report
Item #16,Report by Joel Matthews on SJSO's Case Review,Matthews' Report
Item #17,Sheriff Shoar's Letter to Bogdanich~~Summarizing his Agencies Contacts~~with Bogdanich and Reasons why he would not~~have an "One the Record Interview with him.",Sheriff's Letter to Bogdanich 1
Item #18,Sheriff Shoar's Letter to an Attorney~~with the New York Times about his~~Contacts with Bogdanich,New York Times Attorney's Letter
Item #19,Governor's Executive Order Appointing~~Special Prosecutor Bill Cervone~~to Investigate Agent Rodgers for~~"Official Misconduct",Governor's Executive Order
Item #20,Letter from Sheriff Shoar to~~Special Prosecutor Bill Cervone,Cervone Letter
Item #21,Bogdanich's Letter to Sheriff Shoar,Bogdanich’s Letter to~~ Sheriff Shoar
Item #22,Sheriff Shoar's Second Letter to Bogdanich,Sheriff's Letter to~~ Bogdanich Letter 2
Item #23,Banks' Official Lawsuit against FDLE and Rodgers,Banks Lawsuit against FDLE
Item #24,Sheriff Shoar's Most Recent Correspondence with Bogdanich,Sheriff's Recent Correspondence~~ to Bogdanich 3
Item #25,Bogdanich's list of Questions for Sheriff Shoar~~ (Sheriff Shoar did not answer these questions~~to Bogdanich but he is providing them to the~~General Public),Bogdanich Questions/~~Sheriff Shoar’s Responses
Item #26,O'Connell Civil Lawsuit vs. FDLE Rogers,O'Connell Lawsuit