Safe Trak

Safe Trak is one of the newest programs being offered by SJSO.  Safe Trak facilitates the recovery of participants prone to wander (young or old), by utilizing radio frequency tracking devices. To participate in the program, the person must have been diagnosed with a condition that causes wandering.  In the elderly, it may be Dementia, Alzheimer’s, disease, traumatic brain injury, stroke or any number of neurological causes.  In children, it may be Downs Syndrome, Autism, or traumatic brain injury.

Participating requirements are:

  • They must have a full time caregiver, (spouse, parent, Guardian).  No caregiver means a higher risk of death or injury if they get lost.
  • Registration of a device with the SAFE TRAK program
  • Education of caregiver and understanding of equipment is mandatory.
  • The caregiver must express an understanding that this device does not replace or relieve them of their responsibilities to care for the individual.  It is a tool to assist in their recovery should they become lost, it is not a babysitter.

Initial cost for the transmitter is $250.  The cost of battery replacement will be covered by SJSO.  If there is a need for a transmitter and the family cannot afford to purchase it, SJSO will make a determination, based on need, to provide one at little or no cost. Upon receipt of the transmitter, the caregiver is trained to check it twice a day in order to be sure it is working correctly.  Should someone in their care wander off, the caregiver is instructed to call 9-1-1 immediately.  They should not check the community first.  The faster we are contacted, the closer the person is to where they were last seen, and the sooner the trackers begin searching the area.  Additional personnel will be brought in as needed. SJSO Deputies and other personnel are trained and certified to track through educational and practical components. For more information on the Safe Trak program contact SGT Ramona Davis or Mrs. Linda Koch C.A.R.E. (Community and Advocacy Resources for the Elderly) Sheriff’s Office personnel can routinely visit seniors who have no local family or who live alone.  The visits are intended to facilitate connectivity with an individual and foster a more open dialogue with law enforcement and other social services. For more information please contact Mrs. Linda Koch