Victim’s Advocacy

Your Rights as a Victim or Witness:
We realize that for many persons, being a victim or witness to a crime is their first experience with the criminal and juvenile justice system. As a victim or witness, you have certain rights within the system. For further information regarding these rights please contact the appropriate law enforcement agency handling your case.

Who is Eligible?
Victims of crime always need the support of their families and friends to help them deal with the trauma of victimization. Sometimes this support is not sufficient, or additional help or information is needed. Victim and Witness assistance is available to any citizen of St. Johns County, or any victim or witness of a violent crime committed within the county.

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The Basic Victims’ Bill Of Rights under Florida Statute 960 are:
As a victim of a crime you have the following rights or remedies under Florida Statute 960:

  1. In some cases, victims (or their relatives where the victim is deceased) may be eligible for financial compensation from the State of Florida. Information regarding eligibility may be obtained from the law enforcement agency or from the Bureau of Crimes Compensation, Office of the Attorney General 1-800-226-6667.
  2. The right to receive information on available crisis intervention services and local community services to include counseling, shelter, legal assistance, or other types of help, depending on the particular circumstances.
  3. The right to receive information regarding the role of the victim in the criminal or juvenile process, including what the victim may expect from the system as well as what the system may expect from the victim.
  4. The right to be informed, present, and heard when relevant, at all crucial stages of a criminal or juvenile proceeding, to the extent the right does not interfere with the constitutional rights of the accused.
  5. The right to request and receive restitution.

For additional information on FL Statute 960, please contact your local Victim/Witness Program. 


Important Phone Numbers

Emergency: (Police, Fire & Medical) 911

Robyn Plant
Victim’s Advocate

Colette Domingue
Victim’s Advocate


Abuse Registry

SJSO Victim Advocates

Betty Griffin House

Abuse Hotline

State Attorney Victim Advocates
904-209-1620 x1648

SAPD Victim Advocates

Mental Health
St. Johns County

Domestic Violence Counseling

Sexual Assault

Suicide Prevention

 St. Johns County Courthouse
 Victim Compensation Program

St. Johns County Sheriff’s Office

St. Augustine Police Dept (Dispatch)

St. Augustine Police Dept

St. Augustine Beach
Police Dept

Florida Highway Patrol



In accordance with Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, discrimination is prohibited against race, color, national origin, religion, sex, disability or age. If you believe that you have been discriminated against, please contact one of the following entities:

St. Johns County Sheriff’s Office
Director Becky Hesson, Division of General Services
Title VI Coordinator

Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964
(904) 810-6661

Florida Department of Children and Families
Office of Civil Rights
Office of Inspector General, Civil Rights

1317 Winewood Blvd., Bldg I, Room 101
Tallahassee, Fl 32399 (850) 487-1901

Health and Human Services
Office for Civil Rights, DHHS

61 Forsyth Street, SW. Suite 3B70
Atlanta, GA 30303-8909 (404) 562-7886

Department of Justice Civil Rights Division
1800 G St. NW Washington DC 20006 (202) 514-5713

Additional Resources:
Florida Attorney General – Crime Victims Services
National Organization for Victim Assistance (NOVA)