St. Johns County Inmates

While we strive for complete accuracy, data entry errors or erroneous information provided may occasionally create information that is inaccurate. We apologize for any of these errors. If you notice a problem with a record entry, please contact The St. Johns County Sheriff’s Office Records Unit at (904) 810-6610 or via email.

Notice: The people shown on these pages have been arrested but have not been found guilty of a crime in a court of law. For case dispositions, court dates or for detailed information on criminal and civil court cases, visits the St. Johns County Clerk of the Courts web site.

The St. Johns County Sheriff’s Office (SJSO) is issuing a warning in hopes of preventing you from becoming a victim of a scam that’s making the rounds. We have received reports of scammers posing as bail bondsmen. These criminals prey on unsuspecting individuals who have loved ones in jail. Scammers use online inmate databases to gather information about incarcerated individuals and contact their families. You should be suspicious if you receive unexpected calls regarding a loved one’s arrest.

If someone claims to be a bail bondsman and asks for payment through a mobile app, it’s likely a scam. Legitimate bail bond services typically accept traditional forms of payment and operate through established channels. You should always verify the legitimacy of any business or service before sending money. We encourage you to do this by taking the extra step to research the company, check reviews, and confirm their credentials.

While this alert comes from SJSO, scam artists don’t stay within any geographic boundary. This scam can happen anywhere. 

There are only six licensed Bail Bond companies in St. Johns County:

A1 Alibi Bail Bonds                         904-907-2180

AA Bail Able Bail Bonds               904-824-0090

Chris Lucero Bail Bonds              904-822-2245

All I Want Is Out Bail Bonds       904-372-7373

Hardman Bail Bonds                     352-551-3933

Double A Bail Bonds                     904-788-2424