The Brief – April 29, 2019

DRUGS: Deputies in the NW District were called to an area truck stop, along CR 210 and I-95, regarding two individuals who were allegedly using drugs in one of the showers. Deputies contacted one of the subjects and asked him to step out of the shower. After explaining why they were contacting him, they asked … Read more

The Brief – April 8, 2019

ATTEMPTED HOMICIDE: Deputies in the SW District responded to a disturbance call where a subject had apparently crashed a car into a wood line, narrowly missing a telephone pole. Once on-scene deputies met with two subjects who stated they were in the car with a male subject who had attempted to kill them by intentionally … Read more

The Brief – April 1, 2019

STOLEN CAR ARRESTS (X’s 2): Deputies in the NE District stopped two separate stolen cars, during the same shift earlier this week. The first car was located parked near a retail store at SR16 and I-95. Deputies observed the car until a male subject approached the vehicle and got behind the wheel. One of the … Read more