Within the past hour, the SJSO received a social media message stating “I will be shooting up the school tomorrow”, indicating today’s date. There was no identifiable sender, county, school district or school identified in the message. However, the pathway of this message led us to SAHS where a student had shared the message out … Read more

IDENTIFIED: Road Rage Incident

On October 11th, 2018, this man was wielding a box cutter and threatening to stab/cut people in front of the Circle K gas station on US 1 North, stemming from a road rage incident. The subject was seen leaving in a maroon passenger car with dark hubcaps or rims (actual car pictured below). Witnesses stated … Read more

The Brief – October 14, 2019

THE BRIEF: LIFESAVING EFFORT: A deputy working in the SE District responded to a subject who had fallen and caused a significant laceration to his leg. According to the report filed by Deputy B. Combs, when he arrived he observed the subject had sustained an apparent injury to an artery and was bleeding profusely. The … Read more