St. Johns County

The Brief – July 29, 2019

AGG ASSAULT W/ FIREARM: Deputies in the SE District responded to an emergency call of a male subject who had allegedly pulled a firearm on a female for not trying his “vape pen”. When deputies arrived at the location, located off of US 1 South, the victim stated she was standing outside her work location, when an unknown male subject approached her and asked if she would try a hit off of his vape pen. When she declined, he stated “Are you serious bro?” and then reached into his waistband and pulled a handgun stating, “What’s up now, what’s up now?” The victim stated the man put the gun back into his waistband and walked away. Deputies located the suspect walking along Lewis Point Road and secured him along with the firearm, as a secondary call came in regarding the same circumstances. In that event, the potential male victim told the man to put the gun away before he took it from him and shot him with it. The suspect was arrested and taken to the SJC Jail

BURGLARY-BATTERY ARREST: Deputies in the SE District responded to a burglary incident where a man had forcibly entered into a home and struck the resident. According to the report, the suspect had called the female resident earlier in the day and engaged in a verbal dispute. Later, the suspect entered the home and stated he was going to kill a male resident within the home, as he tackled the victim and began striking him. The man who had been struck garnered an “iron bar,” hitting the suspect in the head several times. The residents then ran outside the home, with the suspect still pursuing them. The suspect shoved the victim into some hedges, before he fled the area in his vehicle. Deputies located the suspect, along Favor Dykes Road and summoned SJC Fire Rescue to transport the suspect to Flagler Hospital for treatment to several head and facial injuries he sustained from the iron bar. Following his release from the hospital, the suspect was booked into the SJC Jail without further incident.

PETIT THEFT: SW District Deputies responded to a theft allegedly committed by a juvenile, in a parking lot located off of SR207. According to the report, the victim stated he was opening his food tuck for business when a he observed a subject reach into his tip jar and remove the money, before fleeing the area on foot. The victim identified the suspect as a black male, believed to be approximately 17 years of age, 5’ 10” and 150 pounds. No other description was available and deputies were not able to locate anyone matching the description in the area at the time.

STOLEN CAR: A local automotive dealer contacted the SJSO regarding a vehicle which was being viewed by a male and female, and was eventually taken from the lot, not to be returned. The dealer, located in the SE District told deputies that the couple had stated their vehicle was I the shop and they needed to purchase a car. The dealer allowed them to sit in the car ad discuss the available options. When he returned, the car and the subjects were gone and the vehicle has not been returned. The car, a blue Chrysler PT Cruiser was entered into the national database ad at the time of this writing, has not yet been recovered.

TRESPASSING ARREST: SE District Deputies responded to a disturbance where a female was alleged to have been causing problems in the community. When deputies arrived they learned that the person of interest had allegedly taken a substance, believed to be “speed” and was acting erratically. According to the report filed by Deputy J. Thornton, the deputies spoke with the woman she began talking about the murder of a family member, but could not articulate the issue and was described as both hyper and evasive with the deputies. After a period of time, the resident requested that the woman be trespassed from her property, but the woman refused and remained at the front door area of the home. When giving a final warning, the woman told deputies, “I’m not leaving until Don tells me to.” She was secured by deputies and taken to the SJC Jail without further incident.

BATTERY-POSS GUN by CONV FELON: Deputies in the SE District responded to a domestic battery call, where the alleged victim stated the suspect was in possession of a firearm. According to the report, deputies inquired if the subject had a firearm on him and he stated, “I’m a convicted felon, I can’t have a gun.” The victim in the case advised deputies the suspect kept the gun under a table and gave deputies permission to enter the home and attempt to validate the allegation. When deputies advised the suspect they were going to look for the weapon he stated, “Go ahead, you won’t find anything.” Deputies located a loaded firearm hidden in the bedroom and charged the man with Obstruction, Poss. of a Firearm by a Convicted Felon and Domestic Battery.

WARRANT-FAKE ID-COUNTERFEIT TAG DECAL: A deputy working the interstate area in the SW District encountered a vehicle at a rest area with a fraudulent tag decal affixed to the plate. When asked for ID, the driver presented a California DL to Deputy Deleo, which was also fraudulent. After some time, the deputy was able to confirm the subject’s identity and found she also had a warrant for her arrest out of Georgia. She was arrested on the above mentioned charges and taken to the SJC Jail.

Last week, deputies responded 112 disturbance calls, 155 traffic crashes, 91 reckless driver complaints and arrested 4 people for DUI. SJSO recovered 4 stolen cars, initiated or cleared 12 grand theft cases and are investigating 5 new car and 4 home burglaries.

Drive safe and sober, lock the doors and have a SAFE, crime free week!

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