St. Johns County

The Brief: November 25, 2019

Image on the SJSO
Image on the SJSO

WARRANT ARREST-DRUGS: Deputies in the SW District initiated a traffic stop on a Go-Cart being driven on a public road. Before stopping the Go-Cart the driver drove it off into a wooded area. Upon identifying the driver, it was determined he had an active warrant for Grand Theft Auto. After securing the suspect, deputies walked to the Go-Cart and found two large bags of Marijuana approximately 5 feet from the toy vehicle. The suspect was arrested for the warrant and the bags seized for further processing of criminal drug charges.

FRAUD: SE District Deputy, T. Schmitt responded to an area rental store regarding the failure to pay for, or return rental property. The complainant stated two subjects rented a bedroom set along with a mattress set in September of this year. Following the initial payment in the store, no further payments had been made on the rental/purchase of the furniture. The victim stated they had made all necessary attempts to resolve the issue, however, no resolution could be made with the renters. Grand theft charges were signed due to the loss valued at $4,215.59.

TRESPASSING ARREST: SW Deputies were called to a private property where a man was found sleeping in a camper bus. The owner of the property told Deputy B. Almaguer that he received information that a subject was seen walking around his property, wrapped in a blanket. The owner also stated that the man would have had to pass two closed gates, as well as “No Trespassing” signs in order to be at that portion of the property. While checking the property, deputies came upon the camper bus and discovered the man asleep on a couch inside. When asked why he was on the property and inside the bus, the subject stated: “he was going fishing in the morning on the property’s lake.” He also stated that the gate he passed was unlocked, although the ‘No Trespassing” sign was confirmed to be attached to it. The man was arrested for Trespassing in a conveyance and booked into the SJC Jail without further incident.

STOLEN/RECOVERED VEHICLE: SW District Deputies responded to an apartment complex along SR 207, where a victim stated an acquaintance had stolen her vehicle. The victim stated a family member had begun a dating relationship with a subject and the victim had allowed the subject to stay at her residence overnight. When she awoke the next morning, she noticed her car keys were not in their usual location and upon looking outside, realized her car was gone. The victim only knew the suspect’s first name, however, deputies placed the car into the national database. Some 7 hours later, the SJSO was notified by authorities in Jupiter, Florida, that the car had been recovered in a parking lot. The subject listed in the original SJSO report was also located in the area and taken into custody. Local charges are being forwarded to the State Attorney’s Office and the car was towed for the owner to recovery in South Florida.

OCCUPIED BURGLARY: NE District Deputies responded to reports of an occupied residential Burglary after the homeowner entered the garage and found a male suspect rummaging through their car. The victim’s husband held the suspect until law enforcement arrived. As deputies were arriving the suspect ran from the homeowner, and ran into a wooded area nearby. Deputies caught the suspect and secured him. When asked about his activities, the suspect stated he was a drug user and was just trying to get back home to his out of county residence. The suspect was arrested and booked into the SJC Jail.

STOLEN TRAILER ARREST: NW District Deputies encountered a truck pulling a U-Haul Trailer, which had been reported stolen out of Broward County. Three subjects were detained and an inquiry made regarding the possession of the trailer. The renter stated he took possession of the trailer in October and thought he had paid for the month. The trailer was confirmed as stolen from the reporting jurisdiction and the individual who rented the trailer was arrested and taken to the SJC Jail.

DISORDERLY CONDUCT: SE District Deputies responded to a report of a subject who was screaming at various persons in the parking lot of a retail center, along US-1 South. When deputies arrived they were met by a motorist who stated the subject was pushing a shopping cart through the parking lot and blocking traffic. The driver who was with several persons, including children, stated the man began shouting vulgar language at the vehicle’s occupants. Another motorist also approached the deputies and explained the subject acted similarly and was jumping up and down causing the occupants to be in fear, due to the erratic behavior. The subject was located and secured. Deputies noticed an odor of an alcoholic beverage and located a green leafy substance and smoking pipe on the suspect. The man was arrested and taken to the SJC Jail.

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