Commander Kevin Cronin

Northwest District Law Enforcement Commander
Commander Kevin Cronin


Northwest Field Office
724 Flora Branch Blvd
Jacksonville, Florida 32259

Northwest St. Johns County is not only one of the fastest-growing areas of St. Augustine but is one of the fastest-growing areas in Florida. This growth is both in residential and commercial construction. The challenges faced in this district are rapid growth, traffic, and the Jacksonville influence from the north. The district’s responsibilities are that of patrol activity, traffic, youth resource functions, and district property crime investigations. Geographically the district borders the St. Johns River to the west, Jacksonville to the North, I-95 to the east, and SR-16 to the south. The Northwest District is diverse in its population, and its communities are rich in parks and recreation facilities, which provide a great quality of living.

LT Mark Ochkie,  LT Peggy Tennyson, and LT Jim Priester are the lieutenants for the NW District. They perform the duty of “Watch Commander,” overseeing the shifts during any given period of time.

These Sergeants provide supervision and guidance to the deputies who answer your calls on a daily basis in the NW District.


These men are the ones who will be investigating cases in your district. Should you have any questions relating to a crime or a specific case, you can contact them via email.