Patrol is under the command of Chief Howard “Skip” Cole and encompasses the Patrol Districts, Property Crimes, Beach Services, Marine Unit, Airport Security, and Reserve Deputies.

St. Johns County is geographically broken into four (4) districts and these districts have the following designation: Northeast District, Northwest District, Southeast District, and Southwest District. Each of these districts are commanded by a district commander. District commanders oversee all activity within their geographic area including patrol activity and district property crime investigations. Each district’s patrol function is divided into four (4) distinctive shifts. Patrol shifts are designated Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, and Delta shifts.

There are approximately 206 sworn patrol deputies employed at the agency. These deputies are broken up into shifts within the districts.

Aviation Unit is under the command of Chief Perry Hagaman. It is responsible for the operation and use of the agency’s aircraft. Most missions will involve a pilot and a tactical flight officer to operate the radios and other equipment. The tactical flight officer is the main link between the Aviation Unit and the ground. The primary purpose of the Aviation Unit is to be a “force multiplier” for the law enforcement function.

Beach Services is responsible for helping safeguard the general public and enforce FSS and St. Johns County Beach Ordinances throughout St. Johns County. Deputies are trained in the implementation and enforcement of the county Habitat Conservation Plan which is mandated by U. S. Fish & Wildlife Enforcement Services.

The Marine Unit acts as a law enforcement unit of the SJSO in search and rescue, drug interdiction, boating safety, marine investigations, and all law enforcement functions on the waterways of St. Johns County.

Under Patrol is also Youth Services/Traffic which includes the Traffic, Police Athletic League, and Youth Resource Deputies. The Youth Resource Deputies are deputies assigned to each school in St. Johns County. Some deputies are assigned to multiple schools.

Northwest                   Northeast

Southwest                   Southeast

Youth Resources / Traffic

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