St. Johns County

Special Teams

The St. Johns Sheriff’s Office has specialized teams of employees who respond to All-Hazards, critical incidents or unusual occurrences. Each team requires specific and unique skills, training, vehicles and equipment.

Special teams require specific and unique skills, training, vehicles and equipment. These specially trained teams will augment the responsibilities of regularly assigned positions and duties in times of unusual occurrence or when special skills or training are needed due to a specific situation


Aviation Unit is responsible for the operation and use of the agency’s aircraft. Most missions will involve a pilot and a tactical flight officer to operate the radios and other equipment. The tactical flight officer is the main link between the Aviation Unit and the ground. The primary purpose of the Aviation Unit is to be a “force multiplier” for the law enforcement function.



Bomb Squad The purpose of the Bomb Squad is to supplement law enforcement in locating, removing and disposing of destructive devices. The Bomb Squad also assists other local, State and Federal agencies for bomb related calls for service.



Clandestine Laboratory Enforcement Team is responsible for responding to all Clandestine (methamphetamine and fentanyl) lab and scenes, conducting sight assessments. deploying team members in appropriate safety gear, processing the scenes for evidence and documentation, and disposal of all hazardous materials removed from scenes. The members assigned perform “clean-up” responsibilities such as segregation of chemicals, packaging for disposal, and transportation of hazardous chemicals. The Clandestine Laboratory Enforcement Team provides mutual aid to surrounding agencies.


The Crisis Negotiations Team (CNT) is a specialized team of certified Law Enforcement and Corrections deputies who are trained to assist in crisis situations, specializing in hostage/barricaded subject incidents. The purpose of the Crisis Negotiation Team is to resolve situations by mediation, in which a threat or harm has been made against oneself or another.


Dive Team assists in the recovery of drown victims, recovery of evidence associated with crimes, and the performance of other marine/aquatic activities as requested by the Sheriff or designee. The purpose of the Dive Section is to recover victims, property, and evidence associated with crimes, and to perform waterborne operations as requested by the Sheriff.


Honor Guard – The purpose of the SJSO Honor Guard is to conduct any task which the Sheriff or his designee deem necessary. Some of these tasks include, but are not limited to: attending and/or participating in funeral or memorial services, parades, and requests for the SJSO to Post the Colors. The Honor Guard’s assembles at funerals for the express purpose of showing honor and respect to Law Enforcement men and women who have died or who have been killed in the line of duty.


 Marine Unit  (Patrol boats) is used to conduct or help in search & rescue/recovery operations, enforce state laws and county ordinances concerning the safe and legal operation of boats and support SWAT and the Dive Team in their operations. The Marine Unit enforces marine laws and ordinances, investigates boating accidents, provides high visibility patrol and responds to calls for service on county waterways. Participates in joint operations in support of domestic homeland security, and is responsible for supporting the operational needs of the dive team, SWAT team, patrol and investigative units.


Hurr Michael HelpField Force is a specialized team of certified Law Enforcement and Corrections deputies who are trained for responding to unusual events. The purpose of the Field Force Team is to restore civil order and public safety during calamitous events resulting from riots, civil disorder, natural or man-made disasters, or other events disruptive to the quality of life of the citizens and visitors of St Johns County. The Field Force Team provides mutual aid throughout the State of Florida.


SWAT The Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) Team is utilized to supplement agency personnel during situations which present an unusual or high risk of danger if handled through a conventional means. The purpose of the SWAT is to supplement law enforcement with advanced tactics, skills, weapons, and equipment in high-risk incidents, recoveries, and hostage situations.


Unified Command CenterUnified Command Center Team is to provide both radio and telecommunication for a specific incident, relieving the Communications Center of the specialized radio and telephone requests to complete the mission successfully.



 K-9s Teams (handler and K-9) are used, for the searching of evidence and/or contraband (narcotics), suspects, incendiary devices, lost or missing persons. The purpose of the K9 Team is to support law enforcement activities in the location, apprehension, and recovery of suspects, and to locate and rescue missing persons or articles involving criminal and non-criminal incidents. The additional purpose of the Canine Team is to provide support to law enforcement efforts through the location of illegal narcotics and/or explosive devices in vehicles, buildings and/or on persons