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The booking information listed on this site is updated for a 24 hour period from the time you enter/refresh the page. Each page is one day’s arrests, and the arrests appear in alphabetical order on each page. 

Currently, only persons arrested under our active booking software will be listed. We will continue merging booking information from previous applications over time.

While we strive for complete accuracy, data entry errors or erroneous information provided may occasionally create information that is inaccurate. We apologize for any of these errors. If you notice a problem with a record entry, please contact The St. Johns County Sheriff’s Office Records Unit at (904) 810-6610 or via email.

Notice: The people shown on these pages have been arrested but have not been found guilty of a crime in a court of law. For case dispositions, court dates or for detailed information on criminal and civil court cases, visits the St. Johns County Clerk of the Courts web site.