Community Watch Partners – Business

Public Safety and Security is Everyone’s Concern.

Help our deputies improve response times to incidents by joining the Community Watch Partners program. By establishing a partnership with law enforcement, you can selectively share your video feeds directly with the police.

St Johns Community Watch Partners is a public-private partnership between private businesses/HOAs and the St. Johns County Sheriff’s Office. This program provides deputies live and historical video footage which will help us respond quicker, help with investigations and combat crime.

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Increased Security

Security cameras can increase safety and reduce the risk of theft and vandalism for your business. Together, we can keep crime at bay in your neighborhood with the addition of high definition (HD) security cameras that are directly connected to the sheriff’s office. 

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Reduced Response Times

Help reduce incident response times as law enforcement may be aware of an incident prior to a call being placed. Our security team will have access to your selected video feeds. This can help us to quickly respond to reports or complaints and be better prepared for each situation we face.

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Smoother Investigations

Easy access to your selected video can allow for quick sharing: we can now distribute a suspect’s image to law enforcement  close to the scene of the crime, helping with the investigation and the search. You can also share video clips quickly with authorities. No more waiting several hours to make a transfer or grant access to video!

I want to participate. What do I do now?

Please contact the Sheriff’s Office at 904-209-2188 and request to have a representative contact you. They will meet you and perform a site survey, then advise you on your options for building your partnership with SJSO. 

SJSO Contact
Lt. Ryan Smith

Authorized Vendor
Steve Edwards