The St. Johns County Sheriff’s Office recognizes and appreciates the generosity of the volunteers involved with our office.

We greatly benefit from the talents, experience and knowledge of our volunteers in our effort to combat crime. We also need all the talent, experience and knowledge we can muster in order to cope with the vast growth and various crime trends which occur in our community.

To help us deal more effectively with current or unexpected needs, we are strengthening our operations by working with people from the communities we serve. For us to be successful in our endeavor, your help is needed.  We understand that your time is valuable, and all we ask for is a minimum of 8 hours spent volunteering per month.

To learn more about the volunteer process, contact Ms. Robyn Plant, (904) 209-1557.

How we select and work with volunteers

The St. Johns County Sheriff’s Office Volunteer Program utilizes volunteers working along with Sheriff’s Office personnel, undergoing processes similar to those used when hiring an employee: interviewing, screening, background checks, etc. All volunteers perform their duties out of harms way, usually in an air conditioned environment. At The St. Johns County Sheriff’s Office, the emphasis is on citizen volunteers performing support roles to Sheriff’s Office personnel in a variety of ways, just a few of which are:

  • Working with detectives searching through pawn shop tickets in order to recover possible
    stolen property and inputting data into computers.
  • Assisting in our records section inputting citations and warning notices, doing necessary filing, etc.
  • Assisting citizens at the court house.
  • Assisting our Police Athletic League, answer non-emergency telephone lines at our communications center and assisting in other areas as well.