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The Brief – April 1, 2019

STOLEN CAR ARRESTS (X’s 2): Deputies in the NE District stopped two separate stolen cars, during the same shift earlier this week. The first car was located parked near a retail store at SR16 and I-95. Deputies observed the car until a male subject approached the vehicle and got behind the wheel. One of the deputies immediately blocked the vehicle from being able to leave the parking space and the deputies confronted the individual. The suspect complied with all orders and stated he would discuss the incident with them. He told deputies he had taken the car keys from a victim while that person attended a gym in Duval County. After taking the car, he went home and then decided to go to the stores along I-95 in St. Augustine, where he was stopped. In the second event, deputies encountered a stolen car out of North Carolina driving along A1A North in Ponte Vedra. The individual driving the car stated he did not know who the owner of the car was, but he hadn’t stolen it. He informed deputies it was a “crack rental,” (This is a term used for cars that are initially stolen and then traded to various people during drug transactions for payment. In some instances the stolen cars are then used to commit other crimes or transport people/drugs to other areas) and had made its way to Florida via the trades. The driver was arrested and take to the SJC Jail.

STOLEN CAR-RESISTING ARREST: Deputies working in the NE District encountered a stolen vehicle in a parking lot of a SR16 gas station, which was currently unoccupied. Deputies observed a subject exit the store with recently purchased items and watched as he approached the reported stolen car. As deputies walked towards the man, they asked him to put the items down so they could talk with him. Instead of complying with the request, the subject began to flee on foot westbound towards a wooded area behind the development. As the subject made it into the wood line Deputy Neigebauer deployed his K-9 partner “Bane” on a track. The suspect was located in the woods approximately ½ mile away from the incident location. According to the report filed by Deputy B. Pearce, the suspect stated “I first want to say I am sorry for running” and continued by explaining he “rented” the car from a subject in Sanford, Florida, on the 26th of March, in exchange for pills. The car however, was reported stolen on the 19th and was not registered to the person he claimed to have dealings with. Pills were located on the suspect which could not be verified at the time, but are believed to be Lortabs. The suspect was arrested and taken to the SJC Jail without further incident.

SHOPLIFTING ARREST (3rd Offense in a month): Deputies in the SE District have arrested a suspect involved with shoplifting from the same store for the third time this month. According to reports dating back to March 6th, the suspect has entered a retail store located along US1 South on three different occasions and removed various items without paying for the merchandise. In the first event, he allegedly removed a carton of cigarettes and walked out after his card declined. In the second, he placed a 50” inch television in a cart and left through a side entrance, passing all of the points of sale. In the third incident, which occurred this past week; he is alleged to have entered the store, (after being warned not to return to the property or risk a Trespassing charge), and removed two boxes of diapers along with wet wipes. Deputies again arrested the subject on retail theft, as well as, trespassing. He was taken to the SJC Jail without incident.

FIREARM BY CONV FELON-STOLEN TAG-HABITUAL DWLS: Deputies working along State Road 13 encountered a Toyota 4Runner which had an alleged stolen tag attached to it. Upon conducting a traffic stop and approaching the vehicle the deputy observed a shotgun laying across the rear seat. The subject was asked to step out of the vehicle and upon speaking with him, he advised his driver’s license was suspended. Upon checking the history of the subject’s license it was discovered he had been caught and convicted 7 prior times for DWLS, since early 2005, and was listed as a Habitual traffic offender. When asked about the shotgun, the driver stated it was his and that he was a convicted felon. Upon searching the vehicle, deputies discovered 2 additional firearms, which were covered by various articles of clothing, according to the report filed by Deputy W. Carson. The suspect was charged with several crimes and taken to the SJC Jail.

DWLS CHARGES (immediately after a warning): A Deputy assigned to the Judicial Complex observed county personnel assisting an individual who was obtaining a Florida ID card, due to the fact he had several suspensions on his driver’s license. The computer revealed the subject had two new suspensions as of December of last year for failure to appear in traffic court and 3 previous convictions for Driving on Suspended License, which dated back to 2003. The clerk provided the ID card to the subject along with a copy of his driving record and document stamped in red letters stating, “Your Driving Privilege Has Been Suspended, DO NOT DRIVE, You can Be Cited or Arrested.” The deputy, observed the man walk from the government building and enter the driver’s side of a vehicle and drive out of the parking lot. The deputy, being on foot and too far away to stop the vehicle, walked to retrieve his patrol car, but could not immediately locate the vehicle. The deputy completed a charging affidavit for the offense with an arrest pending the issuance and activation of the warrant.

DUI-CHILD NEGLECT: Deputies working the SE District observed a vehicle traveling along US 1 South, which was not able to maintain a single lane of travel and nearly caused a crash. Following a traffic stop, deputies observed that the driver had a strong odor of alcohol coming from his breath and that he became emotional, stating he knew he messed up. The report states the driver exhibited other signs of impairment as well. Deputies observed a bottle of alcohol laying in the center console of the vehicle, as well as a two-year old child in the car. When asked if he was taking any prescribed medication, he stated he just began using “medical marijuana” and had smoked earlier in the day and had “a few shots”. The driver initially stated he would perform field sobriety exercises, but later stated, “I don’t want to conduct these exercises anymore because I know I’m going to fail.” After being arrested and taken to the jail, he provided a breath sample of .240 BAC (.08 being the legal limit).

STOLEN VEHICLE ARREST: NW District Deputies were summoned to a neighborhood cul-de-sac regarding a suspicious vehicle around 4:40 in the morning. The resident stated the car was parked facing the complainant’s house with its lights shining into his windows. Deputies approached the car, which had a male subject occupying the vehicle and ran the tag. The tag came back stolen out of Lancaster, Ohio, as did the vehicle after running the VIN. Deputies then confronted the driver and while removing him from the car, could also smell the odor of marijuana coming from the vehicle. The subject was secured, while deputies spoke to the complainant and neighbors regarding their calls to the SJSO. Upon opening the rear door of the patrol car the subject stated that he did not steal the vehicle, although no deputy had mentioned they knew the car was reported stolen. After further discussion, the suspect stated “this type of (expletive) always happens when I smoke weed.” Marijuana was also found in the car, along with smoking paraphernalia. Deputies confirmed the identity out the man who was a resident of Michigan and transported him to the SJC Jail. A message was left for the owner of the vehicle in Ohio, so they could retrieve their car.

Last week 41 people were arrested for existing warrants for their arrest, 2, 973 calls for service addressed, 129 crashes investigated, 105 reckless drivers complaints called in, and 726 traffic stops made. Additionally, 7 individuals were arrested for DUI and booked into the SJC Jail, (the week prior 11). DUI’s are costly, time consuming, have consequences for your driving privilege and are 100% preventable. Plan Ahead, Don’t Drink and Drive.

Have a Safe Week SJC!

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