St. Johns County

The Brief – April 29, 2019

DRUGS: Deputies in the NW District were called to an area truck stop, along CR 210 and I-95, regarding two individuals who were allegedly using drugs in one of the showers. Deputies contacted one of the subjects and asked him to step out of the shower. After explaining why they were contacting him, they asked if they could search the backpack and the vehicle that he and his girlfriend were traveling in. The subject responded, “I don’t care if you search it or anything in it.” Deputies observed a container which contained a hard white substance, along with a pipe commonly used to smoke illicit drugs. A test kit revealed the substance tested positive for crack cocaine. A pat down of the subject revealed a “crack pipe” in the suspect’s underwear. The suspect stated to the deputies, “Oh man, I totally forgot about that and I thought it fell out.” The male suspect was secured and arrested for possession of the suspected crack cocaine and paraphernalia and taken to the SJC Jail.

TRAFFIC-DRUGS: At the same time the above incident was occurring, deputies working in the area of SR 16, conducted a traffic stop near the interstate for an equipment violation. According to the report, while speaking with the driver and conducting a DL and warrant check, the driver spontaneously uttered that he had a “loaded needle” in his front pocket. As the driver exited the car, the deputy observed the needle protruding from the pocket of the individual. During the investigation, a bag was located containing orange and white pills which were identified as amphetamines, along with a crystal substance that tested positive for Methamphetamine. Deputies also located a scale in the vehicle, which is commonly used to weigh ad package drugs for sale/use. The driver was arrested and taken to the SJC Jail.

RECOVERED STOLEN VEHICLE: SE District Deputies responded to a Chevy Pickup truck which was left parked/abandoned in the oncoming lane of Hidden Tree Drive. Deputies spoke with several neighbors who narrowed down the time frame that the vehicle may have been abandoned, while the registration was run in the system. The truck came back as having been stolen the day prior from a surrounding jurisdiction. The truck which contained components to a firearm, was towed to the SJSO and examined for any forensics that may connect the potential suspects to the stolen vehicle, as well as, any other crimes that may have occurred in our jurisdiction.

DUI: NW Deputies encountered an Audi stopped in the 5400 block of State Road 16, with the driver unconscious behind the wheel. According to the report filed by Deputy R. Kukar, the engine was running, with the vehicle in drive and the driver had his foot on the brake. Deputies began banging on the windows, activated air horns along with their patrol vehicle sirens, although the subject did not awaken. Fearing the driver may be having a medical emergency, deputies busted out a window of the car and placed the car in park, while they performed a sternum rub on the subject. The driver finally awoke and did not appear to be in medical distress. Deputies noted an odor of alcoholic beverage on the subject’s breath, and the driver stated he had been drinking at a party. The subject was exhibiting additional signs of impairment as well. Deputies located a white powdery substance in the vehicle and when asked what it was, the driver replied it was “something natural” to help him sleep. When asked to perform a breath test at the jail, the subject agreed. The results for the presence of alcohol content were existent, but low. When asked to submit to a urine analysis, the subject refused to submit regarding any other substance that may exist. The driver was arrested for DUI and booked into the SJC Jail.

STOLEN SCOOTER RECOVERED: Deputy K. Peluso observed a pickup driving through a neighborhood off of SR 16 and observed the vehicle’s tag was in an unreadable condition and was placed “upside down” on the vehicle. The vehicle was also driving 7mph on the roadway. The truck was also carrying a scooter in the back and had an expired tag from 2016. Deputies ran both tags and began speaking with the driver who indicated he did not have his DL on him at the time. The computer check revealed the scooter had been reported stolen within SJC in October of 2018. The driver stated he had recently borrowed the truck and the scooter was already in the truck. Deputies learned more regarding the background and history of the scooter and did not place anyone in the vehicle under arrest for possession of the scooter at the time, although several traffic issues were addressed. Deputies recovered the scooter and towed it to the impound lot and are continuing their investigation.

STOLEN TAG-DWLS: Earlier this month, deputies in the NE District responded to a report of a tag which was stole from a vehicle, while its owner was deployed with our military overseas. Deputy P. Angst, was patrolling I the NE District this past week, when he spotted a vehicle with the stolen tag. After a traffic stop was conducted, the deputy approached the car and found the driver crying. The driver told the deputy he knew the tag was not his and that his DL was suspended several times. The driver was arrested and taken to the SJC Jail.

STOLEN CAR ARREST: Deputies in the NW District located a reported stolen Dodge Caravan with Georgia plates, along SR 13 this past Friday night. The car was reported stolen from a rental car company in a neighboring county. The suspect was arrested and taken to the SJC Jail.

FENTANYL ARREST: SE District Deputies responded to a report of 2 men in a vehicle with New York plates were passed out in the parking lot of a restaurant located along US 1 South. Deputies made contact with the individuals and awoke them. One subject stated they were just tired, but exhibited signs of impairment and when asked if they knew where they were, were not able to tell Deputy Thornton. While attempting to reach for identification, one deputy noticed a large wooden baton wedged between the seat and center console and asked the passenger to step out of the vehicle. As deputies conducted a pat search, a hypodermic needle was felt in the subject’s pocket. Once safely removed, the subject was read his Miranda warning (rights). The suspect advised the deputy there was red bag in the truck which contained Fentanyl Powder, Suboxone strips, scales, smoking pipes, metal spoons and items commonly used regarding narcotic consumption. The passenger then claimed ownership of all of the illicit items. The driver was found to have a New York license that was not valid, and that was seized along with the drugs and paraphernalia. The suspect was arrested and taken to the SJC Jail.

STOLEN TAG-DWLS ARREST: NW District Deputies located a vehicle with a stolen along SR 13 and Fruit Cove Road. A stop was conducted and the driver stated he stole it off of a car in Duval County several weeks ago and advised his license was also suspended. The passenger of the car was also found to have an active warrant out of Duval County. Both were arrested for the appropriate charges and taken to the SJC Jail.

STOLEN CAR ARRESTS: Deputies working the SE District located a stolen car on Saturday evening along A1A South and Pope Road. The vehicle was stopped and confirmed it was stolen out of Duval. The 3 occupants were secured for questioning. Deputy C. Lopez contacted the listed victim in Jacksonville and inquired about the vehicle. The victim stated she was an acquaintance with the driver/suspect and that she had asked to sit in her car for a few minutes to cool off from the heat. After a few minutes, the victim stated she turned around and the suspect was driving off in her car. The driver was arrested for Grand Theft Auto, and one of the passengers for an active warrant out of Duval County. The additional passenger was found to have no criminal issues and was released at the scene.

Again, just a snapshot of the work done by your men and women in green in recent days!

Have a SAFE week everyone!

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