St. Johns County

The Brief – April 8, 2019

ATTEMPTED HOMICIDE: Deputies in the SW District responded to a disturbance call where a subject had apparently crashed a car into a wood line, narrowly missing a telephone pole. Once on-scene deputies met with two subjects who stated they were in the car with a male subject who had attempted to kill them by intentionally crashing the car they were in. According to the report, one of the victims was engaged in a verbal argument with the driver, when he became so angry that he threw his phone into the front windshield of the car, cracking the glass. He then became angrier and stated “I’m going to kill us”, followed by the subject driving erratically and accelerating the car, before leaving the roadway and crashing into the woods, narrowly missing a telephone pole. An interview was conducted with the victims who stated they were in fear for their lives due to his actions and the resulting crash. The deputies advised the suspect he was being placed under arrest, however, he began to resist their efforts to place him into handcuffs. One deputy advised he was going to deploy his Taser, when the suspect advised “I give up” and the deputies placed the suspect into handcuffs. While taking him to the patrol car, he began resisting by kicking to prevent the rear door from being opened, striking one deputy in the arm. Once inside the car, he began kicking and banging his head against various surfaces, causing deputies to further restrain him. After being medically cleared, the suspect was taken to the SJC Jail, where Deputy N. Hale charged him with 2 counts of Attempted Homicide, along with various other charges related to the event.

STOLEN CAR ARREST: SW District Deputies encountered a stolen car on Market Street (Palencia area) after learning it had been driven down Racetrack Road, and conducted a traffic stop. The occupant was removed from the vehicle and identified by deputies on the scene according to the report filed by Deputy N. Converso. When running the occupant’s information, it was learned that a warrant already existed for the suspect alleged to have stolen the vehicle in question. The driver was arrested on the Grand Theft Auto warrant and taken to the SJC Jail. A wrecker was called and transported the car to their lot for safe keeping, until the owner could recover it.

DRUGS: In two separate events during their shift, NW District members of Delta Shift arrested individuals for possessing numerous “vape” containers of THC Oil, along with other illegal substances. In the first event, deputies stopped a vehicle for having faulty equipment and upon approaching the car could smell an odor of Marijuana. After their investigation, 13 THC “vape” cartridges claiming to be 90.21% THC each, leaf Marijuana, Kief Rocks, LSD and THC edibles were located, without a prescription. The occupant of the car told deputies he and his co-workers “smoke” every day and it’s their “lifestyle”. He was arrested on several felony drug counts and taken to the SJC Jail. The second subject was stopped for excessive speeding and again, deputies realized Marijuana was in use. When asked, the occupant stated he had several THC Oil “vape” containers each rated at 90% THC. He was arrested on 5 felony counts of drug possession and taken to the SJC Jail.

3 DUI’s-1 DWLS: The Delta Shift deputies in the NE District arrested 3 separate drivers for DUI and one for DWLS in a single shift last week. After responding to a reckless driver complaint, Deputy S. Lay located the car and observed the vehicle run off the roadway three times before he activated his lights. The car slowed to 5 mph for some time before finally stopping along US1 North. The driver was discovered to be impaired ad provided breath sample of .128 BAC. While responding to a reckless driver complaint, Deputy A. Ellis located the car and observed the vehicle run a stop sign along Canal Blvd. He stopped the vehicle and discovered the driver to be impaired. He refused to provide a breath test and was arrested. After completing the aforementioned arrest, Deputy A. Ellis observed a vehicle weaving and drifting within the travel lane and crossing over the designated lane lines. Once stopped the driver stated he had not been drinking and then stated he had only consumed 1 beer at the bar. He then asked the deputy to allow him to call an “Uber” to take him home. The deputy asked him why, and the driver responded, “because bro, I don’t need a DUI”. The driver was arrested and provided a breath sample of .132 BAC. Lastly, CPL. B. Richmond clocked a vehicle for excessive speed along Nocatee Parkway and conducted a stop. When making contact with the driver, he stated he was a “Habitual Driver”. Upon checking his driver’s license record, he was in fact a Habitual Traffic Offender who had 10 active suspensions on his driver’s license, including two 5 year suspensions. He was arrested and taken to the SJC Jail.

VEHICLE BURGLARY ARREST: Detectives following up on some 9 burglaries to cars which occurred earlier in the year, were able to match forensic evidence recovered from the scenes of the burglaries, with video evidence of a suspect using stolen credit cards in Jacksonville. In all, 4 burglaries and 1 theft were linked to the suspect out of the 9 vehicle burglaries and a warrant obtained. The Suspect was located and booked into the SJC Jail where he currently remains.

Have a Great and SAFE week SJC!

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