St. Johns County

The Brief – August 26, 2019

DUI’s: While conducting “routine patrol”, two deputies working in the NE District conducted two separate traffic stops on suspected impaired drivers along A1A North. In both cases, the drivers performed poorly during roadside sobriety testing and were arrested for suspicion of DUI. During that same shift, within the same district, a driver lost control of her vehicle running through some shrubbery and a fence. The deputy investigating the crash determined that driver to also be impaired and arrested the individual for DUI as well. Overall, 13 DUI Arrests were made in SJC last week.

TRESPASS ARREST: SE District Deputies responded to a complaint of a subject who had entered a convenience store, removed a doughnut from the case and took a bite of the item. Allegedly, the subject did not wish to pay for the item and the SJSO was called. According to the report, the first deputy to arrive approached the man and began a discussion regarding the doughnut and that he would be required to pay for it. The subject produced payment for the item and was the asked to leave the store by the complainant. Deputy M. Lewis advised the man that he would be considered trespassing if he refused to leave the premises and escorted the man outside. The deputy trespassed the man from coming back onto the property and as they walked towards the property line the man threw his personal belongings on the ground, stepped away from the deputy and bladed himself in a fighting stance and stating, “I ain’t leaving, why don’t you leave?” The suspect was immediately secured in a set of handcuffs and placed in another responding deputy’s patrol car, where he was then taken to the SJC Jail.

STOLEN-RECOVERED VEHICLE: According to a report filed by Deputy R. Wallace, he located a truck in a parking spot, between the football and baseball fields near Florida Club Blvd. The report stated the vehicle appeared to have been severely damaged. The report noted, the truck appeared to have a broken axle and the resulting dislocation of the tire caused body damage down the side of the truck. Both passenger side tires were flat, and the front windshield appeared to be busted inwards. The interior was in disarray and had possibly had some form of alcohol poured over the interior of the vehicle. Deputies attempted to contact the registered owner, but did not make contact. Sometime later, the deputy received a call regarding a stolen truck and responded to the complainant. The victim was informed the truck had already been located and provided its location. Meanwhile, in the NE District a call was received regarding a littering complaint, only to discover the items came from within the stolen truck and had been discarded on to the roadway. The truck was processed for any evidence and the investigation is ongoing. The deputy would then be dispatched to assist in the next brief you will read, as the two trucks were located in the same general area of town.

STOLEN-RECOVERED VEHICLE: Deputy JD McGinnis responded to a report of a stolen vehicle in the NW District. When he arrived he learned the operator of the vehicle had parked the truck in the driveway of the family home and left the doors unlocked with his key and wallet inside. Prior to the vehicle being reported stolen, the investigator was able to determine a deputy working along SR 206 in the SE District had observed the truck earlier in an area he believed was suspicious, and activated his lights to stop the vehicle. The truck fled onto the interstate at a high rate of speed. Since the vehicle had not yet been reported as stolen, the deputy did not pursue the truck. The victim, after contacting the SJSO alerted his vehicle’s tracking service and activated the vehicle’s shut down protocol and door lock features. Deputies in the SW District then responded to a possible location of the vehicle off of North Clay Street. When the deputy arrived, he found the horn sounding and the vehicle disabled with the doors locked. Nobody was near the vehicle. According to the report, the SE District Deputy was able to observe the driver of the truck and is working the lead to a possible suspect and determine if this truck and the previous case are connected.

RECOVERED STOLEN VEHICLE: Deputies working in the SW District received an alert of a stolen car from another jurisdiction and began looking for the vehicle. Deputy J. Hughes stopped along SR 207 and S. Holmes Blvd., when the vehicle passed through the intersection. He was able to observe 5 subjects inside, as one of the subjects shouted, “Oh (expletive)” as he pulled out behind the vehicle. Before activating his emergency lights, the vehicle sped up and began to drive recklessly. The vehicle turned onto a dead end road, where the 5 suspects fled on foot away from the car. The deputy detained one of the suspects, a 16 year-old juvenile, who stated, “I wasn’t the one driving the car”, before invoking his rights and requesting an attorney. The individual was secured and booked into the SJC Jail.

RECOVERED STOLEN VEHICLE: A NE District Deputy was called to a residence regarding a stolen car. The victim, who was an out of state resident staying with a friend stated her car was missing after parking it at the home. The victim stated she was tired from the drive and had left her keys inside the car, along with other belongings and left the doors unlocked. The victim had tracking software installed in her vehicle and the owner stated the car was in Jacksonville, where the engine had been deactivated. The JSO arrived at the location and found two subjects asleep in the car. Both were secured and SJSO detectives responded to interview the individuals in Jacksonville.

Investigators are looking into the above events to determine if links between the cases and/or subjects can be established.

Have a SAFE week, and don’t forget to lock your stuff!

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