St. Johns County

The Brief: August 5, 2019


RECOVERED STOLEN CAR: Deputies in the NE District encountered a stolen vehicle, out of a surrounding jurisdiction, parked at an area gas station along US 1 North. Deputies conducted surveillance on the car for a period of time when two individuals exited the store and entered the car. As the car left, deputies conducted a stop on the car and secured the occupants. While interviewing the two, it became apparent that the occupants did not know of the vehicle’s stolen status as it had been loaned, and loaned again to numerous people, eventually being borrowed by the driver’s 16 year-old daughter from a friend of hers. Deputies contacted the outside agency to determine if there were any identifiers to possible suspects and found the two did not match the description of the persons involved in the theft of the car. Deputies released the father and daughter after garnering information that may assist the originating agency in determining the trail of transfers and eventually the suspects. The car was recovered and its lawful owner responded to take possession of the car.

THEFT OF FUEL: A business owner in the SW District reported the theft of 237 gallons of unleaded fuel. The victim stated a white Ford F-350 pickup truck pulled into his station and a Hispanic female entered the store and asked to use the restroom. He also stated she was very talkative and distracting while a Hispanic male was near one of his pumps awaiting her return. After a period of time, the two re-entered the truck and left the area. The victim then stated a customer entered his store, approximately an hour later and advised the lock on his pump was undone and the door to the pump was open. Upon inspecting the pump, the owner discovered the subject had re-wired the pump in order to garner fuel by bypassing the control system contained inside. A witness was located who stated the man was pumping unleaded fuel into a large gas tank in the bed of the truck, which he though was unusual since the truck was a diesel. Investigators are searching for any leads in the incident.

STOLEN CAR (Or Not): Deputies encountered a stolen car out of North Carolina, near the SR 16 and I-95 area, and stopped the sole female occupant. Upon speaking with the woman, she stated the car was her boyfriend’s and that she had borrowed the car to drive to Florida for a job interview. Deputies contacted the owner of the car in North Carolina and inquired as to the status of his car and the occupant driving it. He confirmed the female was his girlfriend and that he allowed her to take the car. When asked why he contacted Carolina authorities and reported the car stolen, he stated he believed she had been gone “too long” and wanted his car back. After a conversation regarding the status of the report, he stated he did not want her arrested, but wanted his car back as soon as possible, and that she could keep driving the car. The driver also showed deputy’s text messages between the reported couple, which did not indicate any issues or mention the owner wanted the car back. Deputies contacted NCIC and Carolina authorities and submitted the car be removed as a stolen vehicle.

STOLEN GOLF CART: A NE District resident parked her golf cart at the community’s amenity center and failed to remove the keys as she went inside. When she returned to the space, she discovered the golf cart was missing. Deputies are following up with any video in the area to determine what occurred and who took the property without consent of the owner.

RECOVERED STOLEN CAR-FLEEING-RESISTING-DWLS: Deputies in the NW District encountered a stolen car out of Marion County, which was being driven along St. Johns Parkway. Deputies located the car traveling through a parking lot, after backing out of a parking space. According to the report filed by Deputy C. Eveson, he activated his overhead lights to attempt a traffic stop, however, the car immediately accelerated and fled through the parking lot, striking concrete curbs and driving towards some 15 pedestrians. The car then left the parking lot and began to drive at a high rate of speed when he lost control of the car and struck a median strip, which disabled the car. The driver, and sole occupant, fled the car on foot as deputies approached. As several deputies encircled the man, he turned and took an aggressive fighting stance, resulting in the deputies taking him to the ground and securing him in handcuffs. A citizen then approached the group and shouted at the suspect, “Thanks a lot (expletive), you almost killed my daughter.” The suspect was arrested on all of the above charges and taken to the SJC Jail.

VEHICLE BURGLARY-GUN: A SW District Deputy responded to a residence following a reported vehicle burglary. The victim stated he arrived home around 2:30 a.m., and went inside without locking hi truck’s doors. When he went outside around 9:00 a.m., he noticed his truck had been burglarized. Reported missing was the victim’s wallet, cash, credit, jewelry and a 9mm handgun which was left inside the vehicle. District detectives are continuing the investigation.

DISORDERLY INTOX-TRESPASSING: SE District Deputies responded to a report of an intoxicated man who had wandered into a pond along AIA South. The manager of the property informed deputies that the pond is known to have both water moccasins as well as large snapping turtles in the water, and she had concerns for the man safety. According to the report filed by Deputy Sheffield, numerous commands were provided to the subject, to exit the pond and to leave the property which he has been warned to vacate. After 20 minutes the man, who refused to identify himself, exited the pond and was taken into custody, as some 100 people looked on who had recently left a social function. The man was secured and take to an area hospital to be medically cleared. After “John Doe’s” discharge from the hospital, he refused to stand, and was actively pushing back against being placed into the patrol car for transport. Once at the jail, the subject continued to be uncooperative and refused to identify himself for a period of time. After several hours elapsed, the man provided SJC Jail personnel with his personal information and his booking process was completed, just prior to seeing the First Appearance Judge that morning.


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