St. Johns County

The Brief: December 9, 2019

Image on the SJSO
Image on the SJSO

CONSTRUCTION EQUIPMENT THEFT: While working in the NW District, Deputy Hagley responded to a reported theft of construction equipment. The complainant stated a 2019 Kubota Skid Steer Loader was stolen from their job site sometime while the crew was away for the holiday. The estimated loss is valued at approximately $59,000.00. NW District detectives are continuing the investigation into the disappearance of the loader.

GIVING FALSE INFORMATION: SE District Deputies were requested at the railroad tracks at SR207 and SR 312, due to trespassers on railroad property. Once Deputy K. Everett arrived, he made contact with an individual who had built a fire along the tracks. The man provided his name and stated he was from Arizona and had only built the fire to stay warm. The man to put the fire out and the two departed the track system. Deputy Everett performed a check on the subject and no information was located regarding a person with that name and personal information, however, the man insisted that was his lawful name. An electronic device was requested which aids in identifying persons in the field. Once the man was told the device would be at the site momentarily, he provided a different name and personal information from a Florida Identification Card. The man stated he lied because he was on probation and didn’t want to be arrested for Trespassing. He was, however, arrested for Providing False Information to a Law Enforcement Officer and booked into the SJC Jail.

SHOPLIFTING: Deputy Bland Cologne was called to a retail center located along US I South in the S.E. District, regarding a suspect who had shoplifted a laptop computer from the store before fleeing the area. After reviewing the video of the incident, Deputy Cologne recognized the suspect from having past involvement with the subject on other incidents. The suspect was not immediately located, however, the video was collected as evidence and charges have been sent to the State Attorney’s Office to obtain a warrant.

REC. STOLEN CAR-BURGLARY ARRESTS: Deputies learned of a stolen vehicle in the area of US1 North ad Racetrack Road and began canvassing area roadways and neighborhoods in search of the car. Deputy Mundy encountered a vehicle matching the description along a cul-de-sac on Howland Drive, which was currently unoccupied. The vehicle was confirmed to be the stolen vehicle from an outside jurisdiction and several deputies began to search the area for any persons of interest that may be connected to the vehicle. The deputies located a male subject attempting to climb a fence, using a chair he had garnered from a nearby residential porch, in an effort to flee. The subject was immediately captured and secured for questioning regarding the car, as well as, the burglary he allegedly committed while entering the structure to obtain the chair. Deputies continued searching the area and located a taxi cab that was leaving the neighborhood with a passenger. The taxi was stopped and deputies noticed the passenger was acting suspiciously. When asked, the subject could not give a legitimate story as to why he was in the neighborhood, etc. After being confronted with all of the facts of the incident, the subject admitted to stealing the car from another county after finding it running and unoccupied in a neighborhood.

BATTERY ON LAW ENFORCEMENT: While driving down a roadway located in the NE District, Deputy J. Gordon encountered a male subject lying in the roadway. After activating his emergency lights and approaching the man to determine the circumstances, the subject was noted to be highly agitated and began yelling at the deputy. While attempting to calm the man, he clenched both of his fists and raised one of them towards the deputy. The deputy gave several commands to stop, however, the man aggressed the deputy and a physical confrontation began causing the deputy to be struck in the face. The deputy was able to quickly get the man to the ground in an attempt to secure him, however, the struggle continued. Additional deputies arrived and the man continued to resist, eventually being handcuffed and placed into a patrol car to be taken to the SJC Jail. The man refused to identify himself, however, once at the jail law enforcement databases were able to positively identify the suspect. It is unclear why the man was lying in the traffic way or immediately aggressed the deputy upon speaking with him.

RECKLESS DRIVING-RESISTING: While working in the NW District along SR 9B, Deputy Eminisor observed a purple Dodge Charger traveling 110 MPH in a 55 MPH zone. The deputy was able to catch up with the vehicle, which was now driving extremely slowly. Deputy Eminisor and another deputy who responded as backup, initiated their emergency lights, as the car began to pull off the road. As the deputies were walking to the car, the vehicle sped away from the traffic stop and fled along CR 210, entering a shopping mall. At some point, the SJSO Communications Center received a call from the driver, stating “I’m not stopping for these officers”. The deputies pulled into the shopping center and located the car, which stopped abruptly in front of a store. The driver then left the car and ran into a store, where she refused all requests by the deputy and had to be physically subdued. The driver is facing charges of Reckless Driving, Attempting to Elude, and Resisting Arrest without Violence. The driver stated to the deputies that she would have stopped for one deputy, but because there were two deputies’ cars, she decided she would not. The driver was arrested and booked into the SJC Jail.

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