St. Johns County

The Brief: January 13, 2020

Image on the SJSO
Image on the SJSO

STOLEN CAR-METH-FIREARM by FELON: NW District Deputies located an occupied stolen pickup truck along CR 210, in the parking lot of a local store. The truck had been reported stolen from a SE District resident two days prior. As deputies approached the vehicle, they discovered it was occupied by only one person who was taken from the vehicle and secured. According to the report filed by Deputy M. Raymond, a search revealed the occupant was also in possession of Methamphetamine, drug paraphernalia, and a loaded handgun. The occupant was determined to be a convicted felon and therefore not legally permitted to possess a firearm. The suspect was arrested on the above issues and booked into the SJC Jail.

ALTERCATION-AGG. ASSAULT: A verbal altercation began between two male subjects, which escalated to a physical fight after one of the men was locked out of the residence. The subject began knocking on the door and a non-involved party allowed the man into the residence. A physical fight ensued shortly thereafter, where a knife was garnered by one of the men, who was attempting to fend the other man off while being choked. The man dropped the knife but began biting the man’s arm in order to free himself from the chokehold. After a third, non-involved person was knocked down, both of the men separated, only to begin again when one of the men emerged from a room with a handgun and pointed the gun at the other man. The suspect with the firearm placed the gun in a holster and left the residence in order to seek treatment for the bite wound to his arm. After interviewing all parties involved, the man who pulled the firearm after the initial confrontation and mutual combat had ended; was arrested for Aggravated Assault with a firearm.

STOLEN ELECTRIC SCOOTER: According to a report filed by Deputy T. Evans in the NW District, he responded to the theft of an electric scooter. The complainant advised Deputy Evans that his son had ridden the scooter to the school bus stop and hid it in the woods, near a bike rack until he returned from school. Upon his return, however, the scooter was no longer in the location. The scooter is described as a black Jetson Pro folding scooter. The serial number is being sought from the retailer where the scooter was recently purchased, in order to be entered into the national database. The loss was valued at $500.00.

THEFT: An employee of a local store in the SE District, was alleged to have voided sales transactions from the store computer and then unlawfully kept the proceeds. Following an audit of the transactions, it was determined the suspect had taken $994.00 from October of 2019 to January of this year. The suspect confessed to the allegations and was arrested and taken to the SJC Jail without incident.

RECOVERED STOLEN CAR: Deputies in the NW District encountered a stolen car from Fayetteville, N.C. in a truck stop along CR 210 West. Deputies approached the vehicle and located a subject inside, who was subsequently removed and secured. According to the report filed by Deputy G. Shaughnessy, the vehicle was confirmed as stolen by N.C. authorities and the suspect read his Miranda Warnings. When asked if he would speak to deputies regarding the vehicle, he requested an attorney. The subject was taken to the SJC Jail and booked into the facility. The vehicle was towed for the rightful owner to recover.

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