St. Johns County

The Brief – January 27, 2020

Image on the SJSO
Image on the SJSO

DWLS-FALSE INFO: A SW District Deputy made a traffic stop on a gold passenger car, in the area of SR 207 and George Miller Road. After approaching the driver ad requesting his legally required documents, the driver stated he didn’t have any identification on him, but would provide his information verbally to the deputy. The driver proceeded to provide a name and date of birth, so the deputy could validate his driving status, however, the deputy personally knew the subject whose name had been provided. According to the report, the deputy requested the driver’s social security number to cross-reference the information and the driver stated he did not know it. After further investigation, the deputy determined the driver was the brother of the man whose information was provided. After revealing the driver’s name, it was determined the mas driving privilege had been suspended 6 times since 2018. The driver was arrested for DWLS and Providing False Information to a Law Enforcement Officer and taken to the SJC Jail without further incident.

STOLEN MOTOR-SCOOTER: A motorized scooter was reported stolen from an apartment complex, located along SR 207 in the SW District. The victim reported he had parked the scooter, a white and black 2016 Bash, in a parking spot on the 20th and discovered it missing the next day. The scooter was entered into the national database and deputies are following up on the whereabouts of the scooter.

RECOVERED STOLEN VEHICLE: Deputies encountered a stolen vehicle along AIA North, as it drove into an area gas station parking lot. Deputies stopped the vehicle and quickly secured the two occupants within the car, which was reported stolen from Georgia. One of the occupants had active warrants for the theft of the vehicle as well as, other out of state warrants. The other occupant was subsequently released, while the suspect was taken to the SJC Jail without incident.

COMMERCIAL BURGLARY ARREST: Deputies in the SW District responded to two separate burglary calls to commercial properties and had a suspect in custody, before completing their reports. In the first case, a closed restaurant had been entered and cash stolen from within the establishment. Deputies began to process the scene and recover video footage of the suspect. A BOLO was given to the other deputies on duty, who began searching for anyone matching that description and encountered a male subject in a nearby parking lot. It was determined the subject was the suspect and he was secured. Meanwhile, a second burglary call brought deputies to an area car service center, where cash was also sought. In the video, the suspect had covered his face and head with his shirt. However, while engaging the tactic, the suspect revealed several tattoos on his body. The deputy working this burglary was aware of the first incident and the case similarities, and inquired as to any identifiable tattoos. It was determined the man was the suspect in both burglaries and was subsequently arrested and taken to the SJC Jail without further incident.

THEFT-CON. WEAPONS: Deputies in the NE District responded to reports of a subject who had stolen from two retail outlet stores and walked away on foot. According to the report filed by J. Tusha statements were obtained from the clerks, and a subject who matched their description was located walking at a nearby motel. When deputies approached the subject, he appeared to be wearing both the stolen sunglasses, as well as, the stolen watch. Deputies interviewed the subject who admitted to taking the property from the stores. After identifying the subject, it was also determined the suspect had an open warrant for his arrest. While securing the suspect, deputies located three concealed “Dirk” knives. The suspect was arrested on the aforementioned offenses, and taken to the SJC Jail without incident.

RECOVERED STOLEN VEHICLE: Deputies in the NW District encountered a stolen vehicle at an area I-95 truck stop and removed the four occupants inside. During interviews, the driver admitted having knowledge the vehicle was “possibly stolen” and that he did not possess a driver’s license. As deputies continued their investigation, another occupant said that the driver stated, “The vehicle is stolen, but the tag is good”, while another occupant stated he did not know the car was stolen as he was “just released from prison 10 hours before” and would not have entered the vehicle. Another occupant stated, “he had an idea the car was stolen”. As deputies looked inside the car, it was obvious the ignition had signs of being manipulated in order to operate the car. The driver was subsequently arrested for Grand Theft and the three occupants booked for Trespassing in a Conveyance. All four suspects were transported to the SJC Jail without incident.

Have a great week, stay aware of your surroundings, and be SAFE SJC!

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