St. Johns County

The Brief: July 15, 2019


NW District Deputy, M. Chapman, responded to a complaint of damage at a commercial construction project along CR 210. The deputy found that a piece of concrete had been thrown through a large window pane, shattering it. The concrete also stuck a countertop along with the tile floor located inside, creating damage to both. Total damage is estimated at $2,500.00.

AGGRAVATED ASSAULT: NE District Deputies responded to a report of a disturbance where one man, armed with a knife, had become engaged in an argument with another. While working together at a construction site, the two workers entered a vehicle to leave for the day. The driver of the vehicle told the other man to not get into the car because he was sweating. While talking at the window, the victim stated he got sweat on the other man, who believed the individual had spit on him. The driver allegedly pulled a large knife and began chasing the other man and then returned to his vehicle to leave. Deputies have identified the man who apparently threatened the man with the knife and have filed charges with the State Attorney Office for Aggravated Assault with a deadly weapon.

RESISTING ARREST: Deputies responded to assist the City of St. Augustine Police Department regarding a vehicle versus gas pump crash. The crash had both caused broken gas lines as well as, live downed power lines. While assisting with traffic control a bicyclist approached and was attempting to cross into the area involved. Deputies began informing the individual she could not cross the property where the crash had occurred. The individual responded to the deputy who was providing guidance on the situation, the subject stated, “(Expletive) You!” The subject then continued towards the area, with deputies advising her to “stop”. Deputies told the cyclist she would be stopped before they allowed her to cross into the restricted area, at which point she attempted to avoid law enforcement by altering her path and continued to be defiant. A deputy was forced to physically stop her from entering the space. She was arrested for Resisting and taken to the SJC Jail.

CRIMINAL MISCHIEF: SW District Deputies responded to the residence of an individual, whose wooden fence had been intentionally run into with a vehicle. The victim stated that he was alerted to a vehicle which was sitting outside of his fence revving the engine. The victim recognized the vehicle as belonging to a man he had had a recent dispute with. As he watched the vehicle accelerated and crashed through his fence, causing approximately $1000.00 in damage, before driving away. Deputies located and stopped a vehicle matching the description and found the man who was alleged to have been in the dispute driving the SUV. Deputies found damage to the vehicle which was consistent with striking a fence. The driver, who was the sole occupant, stated he had been at a family member’s house and would not elaborate on the incident. Deputies charged the alleged suspect with Criminal Mischief and transported him to the SJC Jail.

THEFT: NE District Deputies responded to a parking lot in the Ponte Vedra area regarding the theft of vaping equipment from a man who had advertised them for sale through an online app. The subject and his girlfriend met with the supposed purchaser in the parking lot and while reviewing the items, the purchaser took possession of the box which contained some 18 different vaping related items and fled on foot. Deputies did not locate the suspect around the area of the theft, but garnered a description of the individual and their investigation is continuing.

DAMAGE-MISUSE OF 911: Deputies working in the SE District along the beaches responded to a disturbance call where an individual was allegedly throwing and breaking items in the residence, but had not threatened any other person with her actions. During this time, the individual also began calling 911, cursed communications operators and would disconnect the call. When deputies arrived, it was discovered the residence was a rental unit and the property being damaged did not belong to her. Deputies found the condominium had numerous broken windows, as furniture had been thrown through them, dishes were broken and the unit was in general disarray from the suspect’s actions. Communications personnel advised deputies on scene, that the subject had called 911 approximately 100 times during her actions. The person was arrested for felony criminal mischief and misuse of 911, and taken to the SJC Jail without incident.

AGG. ASSAULT WITH WEAPON: Deputies in the SE District were called to a disturbance where a female had allegedly pointed a gun at a man who was behind her in traffic. Deputies met with the man who stated he was in a shopping center parking lot, along A1A South and pulled up behind a truck, with Texas plates, which was stopped in the parking lot. The man told deputies he looked up while he was stopped behind the truck and noticed the female pointing an orange gun at him, and relayed that the female stated “get from behind me.” As the truck pulled away, the female again “flashed” the gun. Deputies located the truck a short distance away and stopped the vehicle. Deputies asked the female if she possessed an orange gun, to which she replied she had an orange flare gun, as well as, other firearms in the truck. While interviewing the female, she could not articulate why she allegedly pointed the flare gun at the man and gave deputies permission to retrieve her guns from the truck. Deputies located both a handgun and a rifle from the truck, as well as, an orange flare gun. The victim positively identified the female and the flare gun as having been involved in the incident. The suspect was arrested for aggravated assault and take to the SJC Jail.

Last week, your SJSO responded to 167 persons with medical issues, 137 motor vehicle crashes, 120 reckless driver complaints, over 340 reports of suspicious persons or vehicles. 6 individuals were booked into the SJC Jail for DUI, 2 for leaving the scene of a crash, 49 for driving without a license, and 1 for fleeing and eluding law enforcement, along with others who allegedly committed various criminal events.

Stay SAFE and have a great week SJC!

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