St. Johns County

The Brief – July 22, 2019


GRAND THEFT: The SJSO was contacted by a victim in the NW District regarding the disappearance of a front end loader left at a construction site. According to the report filed by Deputy R. Neigebauer, the victim stated he had last seen the loader at the construction site, located off of CR 210. The victim stated the keys to the vehicle were left on site, for the various workers to utilize and were placed in an area that the workers were familiar with. The victim indicated the loader had to be removed on a trailer and only with the keys could this have been accomplished. The loader which was valued at $20,000 was listed as stolen in the national database and detectives are continuing the investigation.

AGG ASSAULT W/ KNIFE: SW District Deputies responded to a residence regarding a disturbance, where a subject allegedly threatened another person while armed with a knife. According to the report filed by Deputy Suttles, several persons were in the residence when one of the occupants asked another for a piece of pizza. When the woman said “no”, the subject who was already cutting food in the kitchen, began threatening to cut the victim with the knife. A witness to the disturbance then got between the subjects and disarmed the suspect, who then garnered another knife and continued with the threats. After deputies arrived and interviewed the suspect, she stated she became enraged by the way the victim spoke to her when telling her she could not have a piece of pizza. Deputies placed the suspect under arrest and placed the two knives involved in the altercation into evidence.

DUI-DWLS-DRUGS-GUN by CONV. FELON: An off-duty law enforcement officer observed a vehicle swerving numerous times and driving in the grass, along SR 13. The witness continued to observe the vehicle for several miles, while making contact with the SJSO to intercept the vehicle. Deputies located the vehicle at a local convenience store with the driver still seated behind the wheel and explained why they had approached him. According to the report filed by Deputy N. Wallace, the subject agreed to perform field sobriety exercises, but admitted to taking MDMA (Ecstasy) and Adderall early in the day. Following the exercises and the various observations exhibited by the driver, he was secured and placed under arrest. A check of the database revealed the subject’s driver’s license was suspended and he was a convicted felon. During an inventory of the vehicle, deputies located orange tablets inside a plastic bag, along with a hard white substance, a grinder which contained marijuana and a loaded handgun. The driver stated he believed the substances were Molly and Adderall, but he could be sure as he had been snorting the substances for the past 4 days. He advised all of the items were his except the firearm, due to his felon status. He was transported to the SJC Jail and booked on charges of DUI, DWLS, Possession of Controlled Substances without a Prescription and Poss. of a Firearm by a Conv Felon.

NO DL-FALSE INFO. TO LEO: After stopping a car for having defective brake lights, the driver provided Deputy A. Gomez his personal information , as he did not have his driver’s license with him. After a search of New York’s database, it was discovered no person with that name and date of birth existed. After securing the driver, he admitted to his real name, which showed the subject’s d
License had actives suspensions against him in New York. The suspect was arrested and taken to the SJC Jail.

DRUGS-GUN BY FELON: Deputies responded to an area convenience store, located off of SR16, regarding a male subject who was unconscious in a vehicle which was parked in their parking lot. According to the report filed by Deputy C. Carroll, he noticed a straw and a white powdery substance, as he awoke the subject. As he asked the subject to step out of the vehicle, the deputy observed a handgun between his feet and partially concealed under the seat. The subject was secured and after a check in the database, it was discovered the suspect had numerous felony convictions in Florida. The suspect was arrested. A search of the vehicle revealed numerous baggies of crystal meth, meth oil, various pills, scales (commonly used in the sale of drugs), syringes, and drug paraphernalia. The subject was arrested and taken to the SJC Jail.

STOLEN CAR: Deputy M. Thompson filed a report regarding a stolen car from an area shopping center in the NW District on Saturday. The report stated the victim had gone shopping with his family around noon and noticed the car missing several hours later when they returned. The victim stated he may have inadvertently left the spare key fob in the vehicle, as no signs of forced entry were located at the scene. The car was entered into the national database and has not been located at the time of this writing.

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