St. Johns County

The Brief – May 13, 2019

STOLEN TAGS-WARRANTS-DWLS:  Deputies in the NW ad NE Districts stopped two cars with similar circumstances regarding stolen tags.  In the first event, Deputy C. Anderson stopped a vehicle with a tag that was reported stolen out of Duval County.  That subject told deputies his driver’s license was suspended as the deputy approached the car.  When told why he was being stopped, he provided several differing stories on how he came into possession of the tag and finally stated a friend gave him the tag, because he could not legally acquire one.  The driver also had 6 suspensions on his license and was also wanted on active warrants out of Duval County.  He was arrested.  Deputy J. Green stopped a vehicle along Racetrack Road for displaying a stolen tag out of Duval County.  Once stopped, the driver stated the passenger was the owner of the car and she had no knowledge of the tag’s status.  The passenger stated she purchased the car from an individual in Jacksonville who would not provide her a title until the car was completely paid for, keeping her from legally obtaining a tag.  The passenger stated her sister provided her the tag and had no idea where it came from.  The owner/passenger was also wanted on an active warrant out of Duval County.  She was arrested.

DRUGS-DWLS:  After stopping a car for having improper vehicle equipment, Deputy B. Combs could smell Marijuana as he approached the car.  The driver presented a Florida ID Card when asked for his driver’s license and a check revealed it was suspended 7 times.  The driver was arrested and a search conducted of the vehicle.  The search revealed Marijuana along with numerous multi colored pills, which tested positive for Ecstasy.  When told of the charges he would face, the suspect stated, “Can’t you just write me a ticket and let me go?”  He was taken to the SJC Jail without incident.                

SHOPLIFTING:  Deputies in the SE District responded to a shoplifter who had initially taken two pairs of Teva Sandals and left the store located along SR 312.  Loss Prevention contacted the suspect as he left the store and attempted to have the suspect step into the loss prevention office.  The suspect stated that he could not stop him and produced a cylindrical spray container which the officer believed to be pepper spray. The officer pushed the suspect’s arm away from his face and the suspect fled, dropping one pair of sandals, but left with the second pair on his feet.  Investigators are seeking to obtain photos of the suspect in an attempt to identify him for charges.   

STOLEN CAR RECOVERED-METH: Deputies working in the NE District encountered a stolen car parked at a local convenience store. Deputies noticed three individuals at/in the car and approached the subjects.   The deputies confirmed the car had been stolen from Duval County, but did not have enough information to charge the 3 with stealing the car or which one had been driving the vehicle.  Deputies did find that 2 of the subjects had active warrants out of our jurisdiction for their arrest.  Additionally, 2 of the suspects were in possession of Methamphetamine.  All 3 were arrested and transported to the SJC Jail, and the car recovered for the legal owner.  

DOMESTIC-FLEEING-DUI-VOP:  As NE District Deputy S. Lay was sitting in a parking lot adjacent to a shopping plaza, he heard female screams, followed by squealing tires.  He observed a dark passenger car leaving the adjacent parking lot at a high rate of speed, running red lights and recklessly driving away on Nocatee Village Drive.  Given the distance the car already had on the patrol car, the deputy lost sight of the vehicle.  The deputy noted the estimated speed into the 100+ mph range.  An off-duty deputy, who heard the call over the radio witnessed the vehicle approaching him from behind and activated his lights in an attempt to stop the car, which did not stop, but left the road and turned onto Town Plaza Avenue.  That deputy also lost sight of the car.  The deputies began to look for the vehicle and eventually saw the car with a male subject standing beside it.  As the man saw the deputies, he entered the car and fled once more, but struck another car as he ran another red light.  Deputies approached and secured the suspect.  After recreating the event from hearing the initial screaming, it was determined the suspect had seen his ex-girlfriend with her new boyfriend and began an altercation, before driving away.  The individual was arrested for Reckless Driving, Fleeing/Eluding, and DUI.  These charges violated his Probation he was serving, therefore he was also charged with VOP.  He was booked into the SJC Jail without further incident. 

DWLS:  While working the NW District along St. Johns Parkway, Deputy A. Deleo noticed a vehicle whose tag was obstructed.  He conducted a stop on the vehicle and discovered the driver had several suspensions on his driver’s license and that the individual had already been convicted of Driving on a Suspended License 5 times prior.  He arrested the subject and booked him into the SJC Jail.  

DISTURBANCE:  NE District Deputies responded to reports of two men involved in a physical altercation in the street.  According to the report filed by Deputy R. Hagley, the two men had separated prior to his arrival, but both men were screaming at each other and were face to face appearing to re-engage in the confrontation.  The deputy gave several orders for the men to step away from each other.  One of the two began to walk away, however the other subject continued to pursue the other man.  After more verbal commands the deputy approached the aggressor and told him to turn around, as he was going to be detained.  The subject pulled his arm up and away, almost striking the deputy in the face with his elbow.  The deputy then physically secured the man and placed him in the back of an awaiting patrol car.  After interviews with witnesses to the events, it was determined both men had caused a “Breach of Peace” in the community and both were arrested and taken to the SJC Jail without further incident.    

RECKLESS DRIVING-DUI-DRUGS-NO DL-NO TAG:  Deputies working in the SW District responded to reports of two vehicles that were driving recklessly on I-95, and that one had already lost control and then began driving again.  Deputy J. Bradley observed the two cars straddling the “center line” of one of the driving lanes, swerving across the lanes of travel and forcing drivers to avoid them.  According to the report one of the two cars reached speeds of 90mph while forcing cars of the road and following each other with less than an arms distance away from each other’s bumpers.  Law enforcement activated their lights behind the vehicles.  One of the two vehicles, an SUV, drove off the road and into a ditch.  FHP addressed that vehicle and subsequently arrested the driver for DUI.  The second vehicle continued on at 90 mph and exited onto SR16, where it also stopped.  As the deputy gave verbal commands, the driver did not initially comply.  The subject refused to speak English and was generally uncooperative, causing a Spanish speaking deputy to be dispatched to the stop.  The suspect stated he did not have a driver’s license, because he had not obtained US documents to legally obtain one.  During a vehicle inventory, a THC Vape Pen and several open containers were also located.  Both suspects were taken to the SJC Jail for the various traffic and other offenses.

SHOPLIFTING-FALSE INFO-NO DL: SE District Deputies responded to a retail store located along SR 312 regarding a suspect who attempted to shoplift some $704.00 worth of clothing. According to the report, loss prevention officers observed the female enter the store with two children and began acquiring clothing items.  When an employee offered the subject a shopping cart, she deflected the offer and motioned for the children to leave the store.  As the woman exited the door, she shouted towards the cashiers, “Bye everyone”, but was then blocked by loss prevention.  The female dropped all of the items and ran to a car that was waiting along the curb.  A tag number was obtained, which was registered to a rental car company.  When deputies contacted the company, they were told the renter was scheduled to bring a cashier’s check to extend the rental contract.  Deputies were able to stop the car after the visit to the rental car office and located the suspect. During the investigation, she refused to cooperate or provide information as to who was with her during the theft attempt.  She was arrested for the Grand Theft, Providing False Information to Law Enforcement and Driving without a License.

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