St. Johns County

The Brief: November 4, 2019

Image on the SJSO
Image on the SJSO

STOLEN CAR ARRESTS: NW District Deputies encountered a reported stolen vehicle from an outside jurisdiction, traveling along CR 210 West. Deputies located the car in the parking lot of a commercial fueling station and began to surveil the vehicle. After a short period of time 4 subjects approached the car. Several deputies approached the car, securing two inside and two outside of the vehicle. After contacting the originating agency, it was discovered the owner had allegedly been beaten and the car forcibly taken. The subject who had taken the car has been arrested for the stolen vehicle, while a second subject had three warrants for his arrest from another jurisdiction. The other two subjects were not charged with any crime at the time, however, the outside agency is continuing their investigation.

SHOPLIFTING-INHALATION-DUI: Deputies in the SE District were called to a retail office supply store for a subject allegedly stealing cans of aerosol (commonly used to clean electronics). When deputies arrived, they found the subject passed out in the car and located a witness who stated he had been “huffing” the aerosol. Deputies located the stolen canister in the drivers hand and several additional cans in the car. Following the investigation, the driver was arrested for DUI and inhalation of harmful chemicals and taken to the SJC Jail. The retail store declined to pursue charges for the shoplifting offense.

STOLEN CAR-BURGLARY: Deputies in the NE District spotted a vehicle that had been reported stolen from an outside jurisdiction, along Nocatee Parkway. As deputies caught up to the vehicle they found the vehicle had been driven off the road, down an embankment, and abandoned on a stretch of the parkway that lies in Duval County. Deputies found the vehicle had property inside which appeared to have come from recent vehicle burglaries. JSO processed the car and property contained within it. Later that same morning several vehicle burglary calls were received by deputies in the NW sector, some of which may matched the property recovered in the stolen vehicle. The SJSO and JSO are working together to recover the property to its proper owner and seek video that may assist in identifying the suspects who fled from the stolen car.

TRESPASS ARREST: A deputy working in the SE District arrested a man who refused to leave an area hospital after creating a disturbance. According to the report filed by Sergeant G. Tolbert, the man arrived at the hospital to visit a patient in a specialized care area. Unfortunately, the man arrived past normal visiting hours and the visit could not be accommodated by staff. The man became argumentative and belligerent with staff members, causing security to be summoned to the area. Security personnel explained the situation and warned the subject to leave several times, but the man stated he would not leave until he was permitted into the patient area. When Sergeant Tolbert arrived, he was asked if the staff had asked him to leave the premises, and the man replied “yes”. The sergeant explained he must leave the property or he would be arrested, to which the man replied, “Well, then arrest me.” The man continued, “Take me to jail, I have principles.” The man was secured without any further incident and taken to the SJC Jail. The man later told the deputy he had been drinking prior to arriving at the hospital.

STOLEN MOTORCYCLE: A SW District Deputy responded to a report of a stolen motorcycle. The resident explained he had been out of town for a brief time and noticed the motorcycle missing upon his return. The resident also indicated the keys to the motorcycle had been taken from their normal location in the residence, although nothing else appeared to have been missing or moved within the residence. According to the report filed by Deputy G. Acs, the black 2007 Triumph motorcycle was entered into the national database.

THEFT: A NE District Deputy responded to a residence regarding the theft of several jars of loose change. A witness to the alleged theft summoned law enforcement after observing a known subject enter a shed on the victim’s property and remove the jars of change. After discussing the incident with the victim, who was out of town at the time, stated he did wish to pursue charges in the matter. Deputy T. Williams located the named subject and advised him of his rights. The subject stated he was aware of the money and where it was kept, but did not take it. Total loss was estimated around $300.00. Charges were forwarded to the State Attorney’s Office for possible prosecution.

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