St. Johns County

The Brief – October 14, 2019

Image on the SJSO
Image on the SJSO

LIFESAVING EFFORT: A deputy working in the SE District responded to a subject who had fallen and caused a significant laceration to his leg. According to the report filed by Deputy B. Combs, when he arrived he observed the subject had sustained an apparent injury to an artery and was bleeding profusely. The deputy assisted the subject to the floor and elevated the injured leg on a stool. Deputy Combs then applied his tourniquet to the injured leg, immediately stopping the flow of blood. SJC Fire-Rescue arrived and began advanced life saving measures to stabilize the subject for transport to Flagler Hospital.

WARRANT-CARRY STOLEN GUNS- Deputies in the SE District assisted the St. Augustine Beach PD regarding the location of a juvenile wanted for violating probation on a previous battery and burglary charge. The subject was located as a passenger in a car which was subsequently stopped along A1A. While securing the suspect, the officers and deputies located two stolen loaded handguns in the waistband of the subject. They also discovered additional loaded magazines in the suspect’s pockets. The SABPD took over the incident regarding any additional charges and is continuing their investigation into the thefts of the firearms.

STOLEN CAR: NE District Deputies responded to a report of a stolen Audi TT from a residence along Coastal Highway. The victim stated he may have left the car unlocked, but he was still in possession of the sole car key. A neighbor told the victim she last saw the car parked in the condominium complex on the 6th. At the time of this writing, the vehicle has not yet been recovered.

VEHICLE BURGLARY: Deputy L. Fontenot responded to a vehicle burglary in the NE District, after the victim had parked her car in a parking lot near the Palencia community. When the victim returned to her car approximately 30 minutes later, she found her window busted and her purse removed from the vehicle. Detectives are following up with possible leads and any financial activity that may have occurred after the initial crime.

BUSINESS BURGLARY: NE District Deputies responded to a commercial building located along US 1 North regarding a burglary to the building. According to the report filed by Deputy K. Carver, the manager arrived for work and noticed a window was broken open. After entering the building, the manager noticed several laptops and other electronic equipment missing. He also observed the suspect(s) had rummaged through the office area. Losses were over $1000.00 and detectives are following up on leads in the incident.

STOLEN/RECOVERED CAR: NW District Deputies responded to 2 vehicle burglaries and a stolen car in the same general area from each other. According to the report filed by Deputy B. Pearce, the victim stated the car had been parked I the driveway between 5:30 and 6:30 the previous night and when she exited her home the next morning found that her car was missing. The victim told deputies she believed she had locked the car, but that no keys were left in the vehicle. The car was entered into the system and the following day deputies received information that the car had been located fully submerged in a pond in Jacksonville. Currently, both agencies are coordinating on the investigation regarding suspects in the case.

STOLEN BOAT: A NW District resident reported the theft of a 2010, 14’ aluminum boat. According to the report, the boat had a camouflage wrap on it and the word “Igabudaboo” printed on both sides of the vessel. The boat also had a 25HP Yamaha motor affixed to the transom. The bat was entered in the national database and NW District Detectives are continuing the investigation.

Last week, your SJSO Deputies responded to 110 disturbance calls, 110 reckless driver complaints, 136 vehicle crashes, 13 burglaries to cars, and 5 burglaries to structures. They also responded to 123 persons who were having a medical episode and 79 incidents where individuals had become injured, along with many other calls associated with the 3, 095 issues handled over the past 7 days.

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