St. Johns County



DO NOT report crimes or incidents of any kind via email. Depending on the nature of seriousness of the incident, call 911 0r (904) 824-8304.

Phone Numbers

Main Line: 904-824-8304
Julington Creek Field Office: 904-209-2150
Ponte Vedra Field Office: 904-209-2215
Traffic Safety Hotline: 904-209-2134
Crime Prevention: 904-209-1551
Programs Line: 904-209-1552
Warrants: 904-209-1440
Civil Process: 904-209-1435
Records: 904-810-6610
Main Control: 904-209-1443
Booking: 904-209-3125

Other Important Numbers

Crime Stoppers: 888-277-TIPS
St. Johns County Clerk of the County Courts:  904-819-3600
St. Johns County Legal Aid: 904-827-9921
State Attorney’s Office: 904-209-1620
Public Defender’s Office: 904-827-5699
Missing Child Hotline: 800-843-5678

District Information


David Shoar

Undersheriff Matthew Cline

Northwest Commanders 

Kevin Cronin

Lt. Mark Ochkie

Lt. Jeremy Bouchard

Northeast Commanders 

Scott Beaver

Lt. Chris Wensil

Lt. Tres Edenfield

Southwest Commanders

Tim Burres

Lt. Charles Bradley

Lt. Sid Mickler

Southeast Commanders 

Thomas Quintieri

Lt. David Tarbert

Lt. Keith Oke

Office Address

St Johns County Sheriff’s Office
4015 Lewis Speedway,
St. Augustine, FL 32084

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