All inmate communications are provided by Smart Communications. For more information or to create an account, please go to SmartJailMail

St. Johns County Sheriff’s Office Visitation Rules

Visitors must adhere to the following rules during all visits. Violation of any rule may result in suspension or termination of your visitation privilege.

  • All visitors must be fully dressed while conducting visits. Revealing clothing, bathing suits, and clothing that disguises the identity of the visitor are prohibited.
  • All visitors, including children, must be approved. Anyone with a no contact order or injunction against the inmate will not be allowed to visit.
  • Drug use is prohibited.
  • No screenshots, recording, livestreaming, or rebroadcasting the visit on any platform.
  • No broadcasting of television, music, or web based platforms.
  • No display of any secondary phone, tablet, or computer.
  • Lewd or sexually suggestive behavior will result in termination of visitation privileges
  • During on-site visitation:
    • Personal property must be secured in your vehicle or in a visitor locker
    • No eating or drinking in the visitation center
    • Smoking/vaping inside the building is prohibited
    • Damage to the visitation equipment will result in revocation of privileges or criminal prosecution.
    • Disruptive behavior will result in termination of the visit.

3 Ways to Visit an inmate

Remote Video Visitation

  • Family and friends can visit remotely using a computer or smart phone. Visits can be scheduled for 15 or 30 minutes. Visitors must create an account at SmartJailMail and be approved prior to scheduling a visit.

Visits on Demand

  • Inmates can initiate video visitation sessions with approved visitors. 
  • Remote visits and visits on demand are available 7 days a week  8am-11am, 1pm-4pm, and 7pm-10pm. Both remote and on demand visits cost $.25 per minute.

On-Site Video Visitation

  • Family and friends can visit at the Visitation Center.  Visits are 30 minutes in duration.  Each inmate receives 4 – 30 minute visits each week at no cost. The visitor must have an account and be approved prior to visiting. Visits can be scheduled through the user’s account at SmartJailMail
  • On-Site visitation hours are Monday- Friday 8am-11am and 1pm-4pm.

Inmate Messaging

SmartJailMail uses safe and secure two way electronic messaging software designed specifically for communicating with inmates, prisoners, and detainees in correctional institutions. This allows those who are incarcerated or detained to communicate safely and quickly with family and friends outside of the jail, prison or detention center. They can send and receive electronic letters using a safe and secure computer kiosk or tablet stationed in their institution. Each message costs just 50 cents which is cheaper than a postage stamp and envelope. The message can be sent with postage paid and will be free to open and read for the recipient. Or, the message can be sent collect / “COD” for free and will be paid for by the recipient. To send or receive a message you MUST open a account, this process is quick and easy, just follow these simple steps…

  1. Sign Up
    Creating an account is fast, simple, and completely free. We will ask you to choose a username and password to identify your account along with some basic contact information. We will send you an e-mail or text message to verify and activate your account. There is no cost to create an account and search for inmates, prisoners, or detainees to connect with.
  2. Make Connections
    Once you have established an account, you may search for inmates, prisoners, or detainees to connect with. Once you have located an individual that you would like to connect with, you can send them a connection request. They will need to approve the request before you can send messages.
  3. Purchase Service Credits
    Once you have established a connection with an inmate, prisoner, or detainee, you can send and receive messages electronically. Service credits may be purchased through the web site using a major credit or debit card. Service credits cost one cent each with a minimum purchase of 500 credits ($5.00). You can purchase as many credits as you like and use them any time. You can also transfer credits to your contacts so they can easily respond to your messages.
  4. Start Sending Messages!
    Once you have purchased message credits, you can send and receive electronic messages. This is just like sending an e-mail, except it is contained within the web site. Messages can be delivered instantly or may be held for review depending on the destination facility. Electronic messages are delivered much more quickly than traditional paper mail to the correctional facility so you can stay connected.


  • SmartJailMail also provides a one-way photo delivery service.  Photos can be accessed by inmates an unlimited number of times. Photos are billed at $1.00 each, or 100 credits.  All photographs submitted will be reviewed before they are made accessible to an inmate.

Phone Calls

  • Phone services are provided by Smart Communications. Set up an account with SmartJailMail to add funds. Calls cost $0.16 per minute plus tax.

Inmate Mail

  • All non-legal inmate mail must be sent to the following address:
    Smart Communications/St. Johns County Jail
    Inmate Name and Inmate ID #
    PO Box 9102
    Seminole, FL 33775-9151

All regular inmate mail will be scanned into the system and available for the inmates to view on the tablets and kiosks. Original mail will be destroyed after 30 days. Do not send original documents such as birth certificates, marriage licenses, social security cards, etc.

Upon release, inmates can login to the public website at SmartJailMail enter their inmate number and password to retrieve their photos, messages, and mail for free up to 30 days.