SJSO is committed to honoring those who lost their lives in the line of duty. This page is dedicated to the memories of those St. Johns County Sheriff’s Deputies. We miss them and think of them often.

Jody Hull, Jr

Born: July 27, 1972
Length of Service: 4 years
End of Watch: August 21, 2021

Jody Hull Jr. died in the line of duty on August 21, 2021, in Jacksonville, Florida. On August 09, 2021, Deputy Hull was admitted to Mayo Hospital and later died from COVID-10 pneumonia.

Deputy Hull had been employed for four years with the Putnam County Sheriff’s Office in Patrol and as a Major Crimes Detective.

Hull was hired on January 23, 2017 by the St Johns County Sheriff’s Office, where he worked as a Patrol Deputy. Hull also worked on the Marine Unit and as a Youth Resource Deputy (YRD), at Sebastian Middle School, Bartram Trail High School and at St. Augustine High School. Jody had created quite the legacy for himself in his community and as a YRD in the schools

Coby B Seckinger

Born: January 14, 1978
Length of Service: 16.83
End of Watch: December 14, 2020

Coby Seckinger died in the line of duty on December 14, 2020, in Jacksonville, Florida.

Seckinger was hired on March 8, 2004, by the St Johns County Sheriff’s Office, where he worked as a Patrol Deputy. Seckinger had also worked as a Detective in the Special Investigation Unit (SIU), and as a Shift Leader (SGT). Additionally, Coby served as a K-9 Deputy, a Field Training Officer, and served on many specialty teams, such as: the Clandestine Laboratory Enforcement Team, Law Enforcement Outreach Group, and the Training Advisory Committee.

K9 Baron

Length of Service: 1 years 6 months
End of Watch: October 7, 2014

K9 Baron drowned while apprehending a suspect wanted for felony narcotics distribution.

The subject had fled on foot after deputies responded to a disturbance at a home on Twin Aspen Circle. K9 Baron and his handler were tracking the man when they came upon a fence. His handler lifted him over the fence, and as the handler went over the fence she heard K9 Baron engage the suspect. She located Baron a short time later in a body of water. It is believed that the man intentionally drowned Baron during the apprehension.

The subject continued to flee but turned himself in the following day.

K9 Baron had served with the St. John’s County Sheriff’s Office for 1-1/2 years and conducted tracking and apprehension missions.

James Louis Anderson Jr.

Born: December 1, 1965
Length of Service: 2 years 10 months
End of Watch: January 14, 2010

Deputy James Louis Anderson Jr. was killed on-duty while traveling on Highway 9A in his patrol vehicle.  Anderson’s vehicle was struck head-on by a motorists who was traveling in the wrong direction on a 4 lane divided highway in the early morning hours of January 2010.

Deputy Anderson had previously served in The United States Marine Corps for 20 years (1984-2004), before being employed with The Putnam County Sheriff’s Office and was awarded the Lifesaving Medal while serving there.

Anderson was hired in 2007 by The St. Johns County Sheriff’s Office, where he worked as a Municipal Service District Patrol Deputy within the community of Ponte Vedra.  By all accounts, Deputy Anderson was admired by all who knew him both within the agency and the community he served.

Deputy Joshua Edwin Blyler

Born: June 26, 1983
Length of Service: 9 months
End of Watch: May 02, 2004

Shortly after being dispatched to a 911 call, Deputy Blyler’s patrol car crashed on rain slicked County Road 210, striking a power pole and a tree. Fire/Rescue workers say he was alert when they arrived but passed away a short time later after being air-lifted to Shands Jacksonville.

Joshua was a NE Florida native, born and raised in Jacksonville. Even as a young boy, he dreamed of being a law enforcement officer. He always wanted to help people. Although only serving for 9 short months, he impressed his supervisors and all who worked with him.

He died doing what he loved, serving the people of St. Johns County that he swore to protect.

Deputy Joseph F. Solano, Sr.

Born: January 11, 1929
Length of Service:  12 Years
End of Watch: February 22, 1983

Deputy Solano had been serving civil process papers. His assigned vehicle had broken down and was left at a vehicle repair shop in Hastings. Deputy Solano picked up his personal vehicle (motorcycle) and was en route to an evening shift assignment at the St. Johns County Jail. While en route to St. Augustine on SR-207, a vehicle pulled across the path of Deputy Solano’s vehicle. Deputy Solano died as a result of impact with the vehicle and impact from a second vehicle. Solano had planned to retire later that year. Deputy Solano was 54 years of age.

Corporal Cleo L. Tomlinson, Jr., Trooper Robert L. Pruitt, Trooper Merle J. Cook

Florida Highway Patrol
End of Watch: July 13, 1981

Corporal Tomlinson, Trooper Pruitt, and Trooper Cook were assisting the St Johns County Sheriff’s Office in searching for burglary suspects by airplane at the time of their death. The plane they were in had spotted the burglary suspect leaving the Ponce de Leon Mall, and they reported it to the deputies on the ground. Shortly thereafter, something went wrong with the plane and it crashed into the southwest corner of the wooded area on the east side of Old Moultrie Road, just behind the mall. All three were killed on impact. Because they were working in assistance to the St Johns County Sheriff’s Office at the time of their death, we have chosen to include them among our fallen.

Deputy Beach Marshall Ronald Parker

Born: June 7, 1947
Length of Service: 5 years
End of Watch: January 12, 1975

On January 12, 1975, Ronald A (Ron) Parker, a 27 year old St. Augustine Beach Deputy Marshal and St. Johns County Deputy Sheriff, was shot to death in his patrol car by Thomas Edward DeSherlia, who at the time, was wanted in Iowa for bank robbery and two murders in Alabama. DeSherlia dragged Parker’s body from the car and tried to escape in Parker’s car, but was caught after a running gun fight with St. Johns County deputies.

Deputy Harold Lee Hart

Born: 1917
End of Watch: April 13, 1968

Hart was shot to death at a gathering on Main Street in Hastings during a hamburger fry to benefit Hastings High School at the Hastings Community Center. He was rushed to Flagler Hospital but was pronounced dead on arrival. The suspect fired three 22 caliber bullets into Hart. Hart was shot in the back and side. The suspect apparently walked up to Hart, pulled out the gun and started firing. Deputy Hart was 51 years of age.

Deputy Lamar L. Knight 

Born: May 31, 1888
Length of Service: 5 years
End of Watch: May 7, 1933

Deputy Lamar Knight and Deputy Frank Quigley were investigating a report of subjects with guns creating a disturbance. While questioning one individual, a second individual approached the deputies and began to argue. A scuffle began between Deputy Knight and the second individual. The individual pulled a gun and shot Deputy Knight, who died immediately of bullet wounds. Deputy Knight and Deputy Quigley’s deaths occurred while conducting an investigation regarding a disturbance on Mill Creek Road, two miles west of St. Augustine. Deputy Knight was 44 years of age. Ike Williams was charged and convicted of the murder of Deputy Knight. Williams was found guilty of first degree murder and sentenced to life imprisonment.

Deputy Frank Quigley

Born: October 29, 1892
Length of Service: 5 years
End of Watch: May 7, 1933

Deputy Quigley was shot while responding to a disturbance on Mill Creek Road, two miles west of St. Augustine. Deputy Frank Quigley and Deputy Lamar Knight were investigating a report of subjects with guns creating a disturbance. While questioning one individual, a second individual approached the deputies and began to argue. Deputy Quigley was shot in the abdomen and died later at the hospital. Deputy Quigley responded to the same call as did Deputy Lamar Knight. Deputy Quigley was 41 years of age.

Deputy Perry Alonzo Turlington

Born: February 1, 1892
Length of Service:
End of Watch: November 4, 1927

Died as a result of injuries sustained from a vehicle crash while responding to a robbery call. The steering gear to his car had become faulty and the car left the road while traveling at a high rate of speed. Deputy Turlington was 33 years of age at his death.

Deputy Guy White

Born: 1874
Length of Service: 12 years
End of Watch: March 5, 1911

Deputy Guy White was assigned to the Espanola, Florida area to protect and serve that small community. He did so for over ten years. Abe Schneider (below) was a citizen from Espanola who put his life in grave personal danger by assisting Deputy Guy White in arresting four drunk, rowdy, Bradford County men. On the evening of March 5, 1911, Deputy Guy White and Abe Schneider were gunned down while arresting and attempting to search for the men. While on a train from Hastings to Espanola the four began to rough-house, smashing windows. Upon their arrival in Espanola, Deputy White arrested the four and took them to the jail. During the search, one of the four produced a gun and shot both Deputy White and Abe Schneider, fatally wounding them both. Deputy White is the first known St. Johns County officer to be killed in the line of duty. Deputy White was 37 years of age. The St. Johns County Sheriff’s office has named an award in Deputy White’s honor. the Guy White award may be given to a member who, in the line of duty, has performed his/her duties consistently with excellence for the past year. This award is based on a year’s performance and not on a single event. Only one award is presented in a given year.

Abraham “Abe” Schneider

Born: 1887
End of Watch: March 5, 1911

Deputized by Deputy Guy White (above) they were both killed while taking four men to jail for disorderly conduct and transporting a weapon. Abe Schneider had immigrated to the U.S. from St. Petersburg, Russia. Abe Schneider was 24 years of age. The St. Johns County Sheriff’s office has named an award in Abe Schneider’s honor. The Abe Schneider award is an elite award given to citizens of the community entailing exceptional courage involving grave personal danger in rendering aid or assistance to a law enforcement officer.