St. Johns County


The core functions of the Corrections Division is to provide care, custody and control for all inmates incarcerated. There are two separate facilities for housing of inmates: the Main Detention Unit and the Community Work Release Center.

Tara Wilde, Director of Corrections

The core functions of the Corrections Director is to provide care, custody and control for all inmates incarcerated.

Our Facilities

The Main Detention Unit is a 664 bed facility which houses both male and female inmates waiting for their pre-trial hearing. All offenders arrested in St. Johns County are processed through the main facility and will remain in this facility until they are sentenced or released as required by the courts.

The Community Work Release Center (CWRC) is a 100 bed facility which houses male inmates who are sentenced to the county jail for 364 days or less. Inmates housed in this facility are allowed to participate in the work release program or county work squad provided they meet the facility criteria.

There are also 16 different churches and ministries represented on a monthly or weekly basis in the jail. There are clergy volunteers and 2 part-time chaplains that serve regularly.

Our Court Services handles the statutory responsibility for the service of process and execution of writs. These judicial process documents originate from the courts, governmental agencies, and private attorneys. Please note that the Court Services does not provide legal advice or assist in the preparation of any documents.  For information on Florida statutes and fees, please click here.

During incarceration, inmates are provided the opportunity to participate in a variety of programs. There are currently nine different organizations conducting over 15 different recovery, educational and certificate programs on a regular basis. These programs include…

Important Phone Numbers

Detention Center Main Control: (904) 209-1443

Booking: (904) 209-3125

Nursing: (904) 209-1986

To add funds to an inmates account, click here.

To schedule inmate property pickup, please call 904-209-1430 Monday thru Friday 0730-1630. Although property pickup is available anytime, scheduling a property pickup will decrease your wait time.